Everything You Need To Know About the Birkenstock Return Policy

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Birkenstock Return Policy From A to Z

Buying footwear can be tricky, especially if you are purchasing shoes online. In case they don’t fit, or you realize they are damaged, you have every right to return the item.

If you purchased shoes at Birkenstock, DoNotPay can help you understand the Birkenstock return policy. Sign up for our app, and we’ll also create a return request letter for you in a flash!

What You Should Know About the Birkenstock Return Policy

Shoes purchased on the official Birkenstock website cannot be returned to a Birkenstock store or authorized retailer—they need to be returned online. You can return footwear and accessories at no charge. The only two conditions are that they are:

  • In original purchase condition and packaging
  • Returned within 30 days of delivery

After the company inspects your return, they will issue a credit for the merchandise to the payment method you used. It usually takes between two and three weeks to process the refund.

If you wish to exchange an item, you can call Birkenstock customer service at 844-505-4055 or contact them via email—info@birkenstockusa.com.

How To Return Birkenstock Shoes

If you bought the Birkenstock footwear online, you will need to request a return on the official website. For in-store purchases, you can contact the company’s customer service via the available channels. Take a look at the table below for more information:

Can You Initiate a Return Request ViaYes/No
In personYes

How To Initiate a Return Request if You Bought the Shoes Online

If you bought Birkenstock shoes online, follow these steps to return them:

  1. Visit the Return page on the official website
  2. Type in your order number
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Click on Start

How To Initiate a Return Request via Email

For in-store purchases, you should get in touch with the company’s customer service via email to request a return of the item. You will need to:

  1. Compose a formal email
  2. Explain the return reason
  3. Include your contact info
  4. Send the email to soho@birkenstockusa.com or VeniceBeach@birkenstockusa.com (depending on where you made the purchase)

How To Initiate a Return Request via Phone

If you prefer talking over the phone, you can call the Birkenstock customer service and request a return. Follow these instructions:

  1. Dial 646-850-6940 (New York store) or 310-310-8448 (California store)
  2. Explain why you are calling
  3. Provide the customer service rep with the info they ask for

How To Initiate a Return Request in Person

You also have the option of requesting a return in person. Proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the store where you bought the shoes
  2. Bring the goods with you and explain why you wish to return them to any staff member
  3. Provide them with any info they ask for, and they will take it from there

DoNotPay Can Start the Birkenstock Return Process for You

If you’d rather not bother contacting Birkenstock’s customer service, you can let DoNotPay handle the task for you. Our app can generate a return request letter for you in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is take the following steps:

  1. Choose the Item Return Request feature
  2. Answer our chatbot’s questions regarding your purchase

DoNotPay will:

  • Tailor the request letter to your specific case
  • Add a return deadline for the company
  • Give you a free shipping label

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Use DoNotPay To Get a Refund From Birkenstock

DoNotPay is here to simplify the refund process as well. We will make sure you don’t have to bother dealing with the company’s customer service for hours to get your money back. The entire process is straightforward, and you only need to:

  1. Find the File a Chargeback option
  2. Select Get Protected
  3. Answer a few of our chatbot’s questions
  4. Click on Sign and Submit

Once you finish the short questionnaire, DoNotpay will send the request to your bank, so you can get what’s rightfully yours.

Take Birkenstock to Small Claims Court if the Company Wronged You

If you feel like Birkenstock has wronged you, turn to DoNotPay for help in taking the company to small claims court. Our app is recognized by the American Bar Association for customer advocacy, and we will make the process run smoothly. We can assist you with the following:

  • Creating a demand letter
  • Filing the complaint
  • Collecting the necessary paperwork
  • Completing court forms
  • Making a script with argumentation to use in court

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