Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt—How To Make No-Receipt Returns

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Yes, You Can Return at Walmart Without a Receipt — Here's How

Is Walmart giving you a hard time because you lost your receipt, and now the company won’t accept your return? Follow our comprehensive Walmart return policy without a receipt guide, and you’ll finally have the upper hand!

Walmart Return Policy Without Receipt Explained

All the restrictions presented in Walmart’s return policy during COVID-19 have been lifted as of March 2021. Walmart’s standard return policy is now in effect, allowing customers to return items within 90 days of purchase. The Walmart return policy without receipt doesn’t differ much as you can make returns even without proof of purchase within 90 days. Note that all returns without a receipt are subject to a refund verification process.

The refund verification used to be at the discretion of customer service or store management, but Walmart introduced an automated verification system that may decline your request to make a return without a receipt. According to former Walmart store managers and employees, you can only process three no-receipt returns in six months. Don’t try to fool the system by going to a different Walmart store—the refund verification systems are interlinked, and you won’t be able to process your return.

To return item(s) to Walmart without a receipt, you’ll have to:

  1. Present a valid photo ID
  2. Pass the refund verification process

If the verification system accepts the return, you can:

  • Make an exchange
  • Get a cash refund if the value of the returned items is less than $10
  • Earn a Walmart shopping card or gift card credit if the value of the returned items is over $10

Since the only way to complete a return without proof of purchase is by showing your ID, you’ll have to visit a Walmart store instead of mailing in your return.

Alternatively, the store staff may be able to look up your purchase and approve your return if you lose your proof of purchase. To do so, you’ll have to provide them with one of the following:

  • The credit or debit card you paid with when making your purchase in a store
  • The email address or phone number you used for the online purchase

Can I Return In-Store Items without a Receipt at Walmart?

When returning an item to Walmart without a receipt, you will need to present a valid government-issued photo ID. Walmart will only accept your return if the information on your ID matches the information stored in their secure database.

You can return Walmart items for a cash refund if they are under $10, and exchange them or receive a gift card for items costing more than $10.

If Walmart refuses to offer a refund, you can use to handle the issue for you, hassle-free!

Can I Return All Items to Walmart Without a Receipt?

No, you can’t. We have listed the product that can be returned only with a receipt in the table below, as well as their return deadlines.

Product TypeReturn Policy and Return Window
Prepaid wireless cellular phones
  • May be returned in undamaged condition to any store
  • Have a 14-day return window
Opened or used unlocked wireless phones
  • May be exchanged for another item of equal or greater value
  • Have a 14-day return window
Postpaid cell phones
  • May be returned to the original store of purchase undamaged
  • Have a 14-day return window
Most electronic devices (Verizon contract cell phones, drones, digital music players, tablets, laptops, portable video players, electric scooters, digital cameras, etc.)Have a 30-day return window
Walmart Protection Plans and AppleCare+Can be returned or canceled within 30 days of purchase
Prescription glasses and contactsHave a 60-day return window
Hearing aidsHave a 60-day return window
Produce, fresh flowers, meat, bakery, deli, dairy, and frozen items
  • Are subject to the Freshness guarantee
  • Can be returned in 90 days since the purchase date
Perennials, trees, and shrubsCan be returned within one year
TiresCan be returned within 90 days only to stores with an Auto Care Center and need to be new
Photo prints, personalized items, and photo products
  • Cannot be returned by mail but only to a Walmart store
  • Have a 90-day return window
Funeral products
  • Can only be exchanged if damaged or defective upon delivery and unused
  • Are non-refundable
  • Have a 90-day return window

Are There Any Non-Returnable Items?

Walmart doesn’t accept returns even with a receipt for the following products:

  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Airsoft, air, and BB guns
  • Pepper spray
  • Gas-powered vehicles
  • Prescription medications and devices
  • Sex toys
  • Pregnancy and ovulation tests or other types of home diagnostic testing kits
  • Hygienic medical equipment
  • Used or installed tires and snow tires
  • Trading cards
  • Used or open RV sewer lines
  • Gift cards
  • Walmart express bill pay
  • Reloadable credit/debit cards
  • Check/card cashing fees
  • Branded gift cards
  • Lottery
  • Prepaid cell phone cards
  • SIM cards
  • Video game download cards
  • Prepaid gaming cards
  • Videos on demand

Initiating a Return to a Store if You Misplaced the Receipt

You have two options when it comes to initiating the process for no-receipt returns. You can:

  1. Do it manually by following a set of instructions
  2. Sit back and relax and

How To Request a No-Receipt Return on Your Own

You will need a Store Returns Receipt to initiate the process. To get this receipt, you have to:

  1. Log in to your Walmart account
  2. Click on your profile widget or initials in the upper-right corner
  3. Select Account
  4. Locate the item(s) you want to return and select Start a Return, or click on See Details and Return or Replace and select the item(s) you wish to return
  5. Choose the reason for the return from the dropdown menu
  6. Press Return and Continue
  7. Select Return to Store and Continue
  8. Click on Submit

After you’re done, you can print the Store Returns Receipt. Take the items you’re returning to a Walmart store, and make sure to bring all the original packing materials and accessories.

What's the Expected Timeframe for Receiving a Refund from Walmart for Returns?

The length of time it takes to receive a refund from Walmart depends on the payment method used for the original purchase.

Payment MethodTimeline
Credit/Debit CardUp to 10 business days
Pre-Paid Credit/Debit CardUp to 30 business days
Walmart Gift CardUp to 3 hours
PayPalUp to 30 business days
EBT/SNAP CardUp to 3 hours
Healthy Benefits Plus OTC CardUp to 5 business days
AffirmUp to 5 business days
Third Party Gift CardUp to 10 business days
Refund CreditUp to 3 hours

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Office DepotAmerican EagleRoss Stores
Guitar CenterSam's ClubLulus

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