Cracking the Ross Return Policy and Sending a Return Request Letter in No Time!

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Everything You Need To Know About the Ross Return Policy

Did you enjoy a shopping spree at Ross only to find out that the goods you bought were damaged? While you may be frustrated, you don’t have to worry about the next steps—we created a guide that explains how the Ross return policy works and how to submit a return request with no fuss!

How Does the Ross Return Policy Work?

Ross uses a third-party refund verification system to prevent any fraud or abuse of their return policy. That system tracks all your return requests and allows you to get only a certain number of refunds without a receipt. Ross doesn’t specify the exact number, so you should be wary of this.

After shopping at Ross:

  1. Keep your receipt
  2. Avoid taking off any tickets or tags before inspecting the items
  3. Inspect your items

Returning products without a receipt or accompanying tags can prevent you from getting your money back and make you settle for in-store credits.

There are several Ross return policies:

  1. General return policy
  2. Fine jewelry, swimwear, and lingerie return policy
  3. Holiday return policy

The General Return Policy

The general return policy states the following:

  • Ross doesn’t offer refunds, exchanges, or store credits for items you used, wore, or altered
  • Refunds on items you returned with the original receipt will be issued through the same payment method you used to purchase the items if you’re submitting the request within 30 days of purchase
  • The company will compensate you through store credit or exchange your item for another of the same value if you submit a return request after 30 days
  • Return requests can be submitted at any Ross store
  • Ross accepts software returns only if you don’t open the packaging or the software is faulty
  • You can’t get a gift card refund unless you live in California and the gift card balance is under $10.

Return Policy for Fine Jewelry, Swimwear, and Lingerie

The general return policy is also valid for fine jewelry, swimwear, and lingerie returns, with a few additional terms:

  • Ross accepts swimwear and lingerie returns only if the items have their original tickets attached
  • Fine jewelry returns require a receipt and the original tickets attached
  • Fine jewelry return requests can be submitted only at Ross stores that have a fine jewelry department

Holiday Return Policy

The company offers an extended return period during the winter holidays. The return deadline for the items you purchase between December 1 and December 31 is January 31.

What if I Lost My Receipt?

If you provide a valid photo ID, Ross will compensate you in the form of store credit or exchange the item for another of the same value.

Can I Use My Receipt if It’s Damaged?

As long as the barcode at the bottom of your receipt is visible, Ross will accept it as valid.

When Can I Expect Ross To Process My Return Request?

In-store returns will be processed right away, while refunds may take up to five days, depending on your payment method.

How To Submit a Return Request to Ross

The only change to Ross’s return policy during COVID-19 is that Ross will quarantine returned items for 72 hours before displaying them for sale again. Ross offers only one way to return items you bought from them—by submitting a return request in-store.

Before you submit a return request, prepare the following:

  • Items you’re unhappy with
  • Payment method information
  • Your receipt
  • Photo ID (if you don’t have a receipt)
  • Tags and tickets that were attached to the item

When you prepare everything, you can submit a return request by going to your nearest Ross store and leaving the item in question at the help desk or billing counter. A staff member will evaluate the condition of the item and check all the information you provided. If the product condition satisfies Ross’s return policy requirements, your request will be accepted.

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DoNotPay Handles Your Returns In No Time

Forget about trips to retail stores or post offices. Return your items using our Item Return Request product:

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