How the Stop and Shop Return Policy Helps You Protect Your Consumer Rights

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The Stop and Shop Return Policy—A Walkthrough

Stop & Shop or Stop Before Shopping? Did you wind up with a batch of spoiled meat, expired medicine, or the wrong order from Stop & Shop? Find out whether the Stop and Shop return policy allows refunds or exchanges in this comprehensive guide!

The Basics of the Stop & Shop Return Policy

If you’re not satisfied with particular products or your entire Stop & Shop purchase, you can return the items for a refund or exchange—this includes:

  • Meat
  • Produce
  • Medicine
  • Pet supplies
  • Cleaning products
  • Other products

You must return the products to Stop & Shop within seven days of delivery or purchase or before the expiration date of the items you received—whichever comes first. If you received a spoiled product from Stop & Shop, you should contact its customer service for further instructions.

Stop & Shop Return Policy—Exceptions

There are some exceptions to the Stop & Shop return policy you should know about, such as:

  • Missing items in your delivery that are not labeled as out of stock—Customers have 48 hours to contact the Stop & Shop Customer Care department about deliveries that are missing items but not marked as out of stock. All attempted returns after the 48-hour time frame are not eligible for a full refund
  • Missing alcohol in your delivery—The 48-hour rule does not apply to alcoholic beverages. Customers who order alcohol from Stop & Shop should check their order at the time of delivery and notify the carrier about any missing items on the spot

In March 2020, Stop & Shop suspended its return policy because of COVID-19—the company did not accept any returns. The Stop & Shop return policy is now active, but the company reserves the right to change it.

Can You Return Products to Stop & Shop Without a Receipt?

Stop & Shop does not provide any official statements about returns without a receipt. Some customers report that employees approve exchanges and refunds that are not accompanied by a receipt, as long as the products are intact and have not expired. Stop & Shop has the right to reject your return if you don’t have proof of purchase, so it’s best to keep the receipt until you check the quality of all the purchased products.

How To Return Items to Stop & Shop by Yourself

The process of returning items to Stop & Shop is different for:

  1. In-store purchases
  2. Online and pick-up purchases

How To Return In-Store Purchases to Stop & Shop

To exchange your product or receive a full refund, visit your nearest Stop & Shop store and ask an employee to initiate the return.

Returning Stop & Shop Online and Pick-Up Purchases

To return products you bought online or for pick-up, you will have to contact the Stop & Shop Customer Care department by calling 1-800-767-7772. The department is available Monday–Friday, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., and on Saturdays, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you don’t have a Stop & Shop store nearby and lack time to wait for a customer service employee to respond, return your products with DoNotPay!

Return Your Products to Stop & Shop the Simple Way—With DoNotPay

Food spoils quickly, and, sometimes, you might not have the time to return the products to Stop & Shop before it does. DoNotPay offers a way for you to return anything in time! Follow these steps to initiate a return request the easy way:

  1. Find the Item Return Request feature
  2. Complete the questionnaire and attach photos if the products you received are faulty

No more effort on your part—we will forward your request to Stop & Shop and request a reply by a specific deadline.

In the meantime, check if you have more items you want to return, and visit our learning center to find out how to do it. Some of the numerous retailers we can help you with include:

CostcoAmerican EagleVenus
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Stop & Shop Return Policy—What Happens Next?

After you return the unsatisfactory products, Stop & Shop will offer to exchange them or issue a refund. If you opt for a refund, Stop & Shop will credit your initial payment method, whether it’s a credit card, gift card, or SNAP EBT purchase. In case of an online or pick-up purchase, the company might not issue your refund until it receives your products.

Demand a Refund for Your Faulty Stop & Shop Products With DoNotPay

If you’re unhappy with your Stop & Shop products and want your money back, we will help you request it in a matter of moments! All you need to do is and follow these steps:

  1. Search for the File a Chargeback feature
  2. Click on the Get Protected button
  3. Answer some questions about your return
  4. Click on Sign and Submit

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