Looking for Loose Cash? Do a Massage Envy Gift Card Balance Check!

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Massage Envy Gift Card Balance Check—You Find the Remaining Balance, We’ll Get It Back to You!

Getting a free massage is nice, but so is finding loose cash—and partially used gift cards are a convenient place to look! Do you think your gift card doesn’t have enough money for anything useful? Perform a Massage Envy gift card balance check and find out!

Even if you only have a few bucks remaining, we can help you get it back. Many companies claim you can’t return gift cards for cash, but our app offers a workaround for it!

How Do Massage Envy Gift Cards Work?

Massage Envy is a convenient wellness service, and their gift cards are a fantastic gift for any occasion. The company offers electronic gift cards that can be redeemed online, and you can print them in PDF format. You can also get a Massage Envy physical gift card.

It takes one day for this card to become active, and if you purchased the card yourself, you get an email confirming the activation. The balance minimum of a Massage Envy card is $50. You can use your card at any Massage Envy location in the U.S.

With this card, you can:

  • Purchase any item or service offered by Massage Envy
  • Tip your masseuse

Massage Envy doesn’t offer a replacement for stolen, lost, or unauthorized gift cards (gift cards sold or exchanged by third parties). Their cards do not have an expiration date or additional fees. The cards can be reloaded online.

Massage Envy Gift Card Balance Check—All Methods Explained

You can check your Massage Envy gift card balance using these four methods:

  1. Sending an email to the official customer support
  2. Visiting any Massage Envy location
  3. Calling the customer service
  4. Letting DoNotPay check it for you

Look Up Your Massage Envy Gift Card Balance Online

Unlike many other companies that offer gift cards, Massage Envy doesn’t have a balance check button on its website. Instead, you need to:

  1. Write an email to their customer service at gift@massageenvy.com
  2. Provide your card details to the support representative

Note that you can also ask about reloading your gift card balance using this method, and the representative will help you out.

Massage Envy Gift Card Balance Check in Person

If you live near a Massage Envy facility, you can stop by and ask for your gift card balance. Need help locating the closest one?

There are over 1,150 Massage Envy locations in the U.S., and the best way to find them is with their online locator. The locator is easy to use. You need to enter your state, city, or ZIP.

Massage Envy is quite focused on its in-person approach. You can also terminate your membership this way or use DoNotPay and cancel Massage Envy in a few clicks.

How To Check Massage Envy Gift Card Balance via Phone

Massage Envy’s website doesn’t mention a phone call as a valid option to contact them for cash backs. You can still call them to ask about your gift card balance, but it should be your last resort.

The official customer service number is 480-366-4100. You can try calling this number to check your balance, but it’s not guaranteed it will work.

Use DoNotPay To Check Your Massage Envy Gift Card Balance

If you don’t want to waste time visiting Massage Envy in person or waiting for a customer service rep to pick up, let DoNotPay do the job for you! We save you the hassle of checking your balance on your own—all you have to do is:

  1. Choose the Check Gift Card Balance feature
  2. Snap a photo of your gift card from the front and back

Once you confirm your email address, DoNotPay will contact Massage Envy and inquire about your remaining balance.

What Can You Do With the Remaining Massage Envy Gift Card Balance?

It is highly unlikely that you can get any sort of massage with some leftover cash on your Massage Envy gift card. A 60-minute massage session costs between $60 and $80 without a gratuity, and a 90-minute massage will set you off for approximately $100. Your best option is to sign up for DoNotPay and get your money back.

Getting Cash Back From Massage Envy Gift Cards

The official Massage Envy website states that their gift cards are not redeemable for cash, period. This generally means that their cards are not redeemable unless required by law. DoNotPay uses this fact to get your money back! Assuming Massage Envy has facilities in one of the 11 cash back states or Puerto Rico, you can get your money back. Small gift card cash amounts can be retrieved in:

  • Maine
  • Colorado
  • New Jersey
  • California
  • Vermont
  • Massachusetts
  • Washington
  • Rhode Island
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Montana
  • Puerto Rico

DoNotPay Can Get You Your Massage Envy Gift Card Cash Back!

DoNotPay works like a charm when it comes to used gift cards. While we can also show you how to get free gift cards, the most important service we can provide is getting your remaining gift card money back. All you need to do is and follow the instructions:

  1. Load our Gift Card Cash Back product
  2. Type in everything you know about the card

We will check if you are eligible for a cash back based on your state. If we manage to get your money back, you’ll receive it by mail within 14 business days. Don’t expect some crazy amounts, though, e.g., in California, you can get $10 back per card, and that’s the state with the most generous policy.

We Can Give You Advice for Checking the Balance on Many Different Gift Cards!

Refer to the table below to get balance checking advice for many other cards:

AMC SimonDellHollister
ShellDisneyJ.CrewDutch Bros
UltaDardenWhole FoodsWhataburger

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