Here’s How To Check Your Hollister Gift Card Balance in a Few Steps

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Check Your Hollister Gift Card Balance and Get Your Money Back

You found a Hollister Co. gift card while cleaning your drawers, and now you want to know how much money you have left on it. We are here to provide a step-by-step guide on how to check your Hollister gift card balance easily.

If you don’t want to spend the remaining balance—or if you don’t have enough money to make a purchase—DoNotPay can help you turn the remaining money on your gift card into cash in three steps.

What You Need To Know About Hollister Gift Cards

Hollister Co. has three types of gift cards—check out the table below for more details:

Gift CardDetails
PhysicalPhysical cards are redeemable both online and in Hollister Co. stores across the U.S. If you want to redeem your gift card online, you need to type in a 16-digit account number and a PIN at the checkout.

Physical gift cards have no expiration dates

ElectronicYou can redeem your electronic gift card for an item on the Hollister website or at any store in the U.S. They are available in denominations from $25 to $500.

Electronic gift cards don’t have expiration dates

PromotionalPromotional gift cards are not traditional gift cards, and they have a specific date range. They can be redeemed for merchandise only.

As opposed to physical and electronic ones, promotional gift cards have expiration dates

If your card gets stolen or lost, Hollister won’t replace it.

How To Perform a Hollister Gift Card Balance Check

To check your Hollister gift card balance, you need to visit the Gift Card Balance Check page on the Hollister Co. website and follow the steps below:

  1. Select your country
  2. Type in your Gift Card Account Number
  3. Enter your PIN (it is not required for an electronic gift card)
  4. Click on Check Balance

What To Do After You Check Your Hollister Gift Card Balance

You checked the balance on your used gift card and are unsure what to do with the extra money. We have some advice on what you can do with your Hollister Co. gift card:

  • Spend the remaining funds—If you have enough money left on your gift card, you can redeem it for an item online or at a Hollister store
  • Give the card away—You can give your gift card as a present to someone
  • Sell the card for cash—Many designated stores and online websites offer cash in exchange for gift cards. You can find the closest store or a kiosk and head over there to exchange your gift card for real money anytime. The downside of selling your gift card is that most kiosks and websites offer around 80% of your card’s value
  • Return the card for money—Officially, Hollister Co. doesn’t reimburse the remaining balance on gift cards unless required by law, but this is where DoNotPay steps in. , and we will help you get your money back in a few clicks

DoNotPay Can Get Your Cash Back in Three Easy Steps

You shouldn’t throw away your gift card when you still have a few dollars left on it. If the amount isn’t enough to purchase an item or if you can’t sell the card to someone, DoNotPay has a solution!

, and we will help you file a cash back request within minutes. DoNotPay will:

  • Collect all the necessary information for your request
  • Check if your state has a cash back policy (by law, only 11 states and Puerto Rico require companies to reimburse certain amounts of cash left on gift cards)
  • Send the request to the company on your behalf

You should receive your money in cash or a check by mail within 14 business days.

If you don’t live in a state that has a cash back policy, DoNotPay can still get you your cash back. We’ll send your request to a Hollister office in a state that does have the policy in question, and the company will reimburse you.

Follow the steps below to use our product:

  1. Find the Gift Card Cash Back product on our website
  2. Provide the necessary details—company’s name, your remaining balance, the gift card number, your email, etc.
  3. Tap on Sign and Submit

What Other Gift Cards Can DoNotPay Help With?

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