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The Easiest Way To Send a Homeschool Notification Form in Ohio

Homeschool requirements tend to be different in every state, with some having lax statutes and others imposing strict rules. Wherever the family resides, parents usually must send a notice of intent to homeschool to the superintendent of the school district to let the authorities know the child is switching to home-based education.

If you want to teach your child at home in the Buckeye State, you must create a specific homeschool notification form for Ohio. It may sound like a demanding task, but DoNotPay can help you draft the document in a matter of minutes!

Ohio Homeschool Notification—Essential Information

Under Ohio’s homeschool law, parents or guardians need to file a homeschool notification to the superintendent of their school district:

  1. During the first week of school, respecting the schedule of the public institution the student would attend
  2. Within one week of the date of relocating to the specific school district
  3. Within a week from the child’s withdrawal from school

What the Homeschool Notification in Ohio Should Contain

The notice of intent to homeschool must include the following:

  • School year for which the notice is created
  • Your name and address
  • Full name and birth date of your child
  • Contact information of the person who will be teaching the child (if it is not you)
  • Assurance that your student will be taught the required subjects
  • A brief outline of the intended curriculum
  • List of basic teaching materials and textbooks

If creating a notice of intent seems too complicated, you should !

DoNotPay Generates a Letter of Intent To Homeschool Easily

Whether you are not sure how to create a notice of intent or don’t have time to do so, you can delegate the task to DoNotPay. We’ll gladly handle the entire process and even mail the letter on your behalf if you wish!

You should only:

  1. Open the Notice of Intent to Homeschool product
  2. Provide the necessary details about your school district
  3. Answer the essential questions about your child

You can also have the letter of intent notarized with DoNotPay! We can connect you with an online notary, and the procedure is efficient and safe.

What Are Other Homeschool Requirements in Ohio?

Besides sending a notice of intent to homeschool, there are numerous other requirements for homeschooling in Ohio. Take a look at the table below for more information:

Ohio Homeschool Requirements Details
Who can homeschool
  • Parents or guardians can homeschool their children if they meet the teacher requirements. If not, they can teach under the direction of an individual who holds a baccalaureate degree
Teacher requirementsYou need to have one of the following to homeschool your child:
  • A high school diploma
  • Graduate Equivalency Degree (GED)
  • Scores from a standardized test showing high school equivalence
Attendance age
  • Children between six and 18 must attend school in Ohio
Subjects requiredYou are supposed to teach the following subjects to your child:
  • Language
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Writing
  • Geography
  • History of the United States and Ohio
  • Government
  • Math
  • Science
  • Health
  • Physical education
  • Fine arts (including music)
  • First aid
  • Safety
  • Fire prevention
Homeschool curriculum
  • The choice of the homeschool curriculum is entirely up to you
Homeschool hours
  • You need to organize at least 900 hours of homeschooling every school year
Required testingUnder Ohio’s homeschool statute, you are mandated to assess your child’s academic progress every year. You can do so by:
  • Testing your child with any nationally normed standardized achievement test
  • Demonstrating that a qualified person has reviewed the portfolio of your child’s work
  • Choosing another form of assessment that you agreed upon with the superintendent

Field Trip Ideas for Homeschoolers in Ohio

Homeschooling is not all about requirements and laws—if done right, it can be a fun and rewarding experience for the entire family. The best way to combine fun and teaching is to organize field trips. Here are some ideas for places you can visit in Ohio:

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