When Do You Need a Georgia Homeschool Declaration of Intent?

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All About the Georgia Homeschool Declaration of Intent

Have you decided to start homeschooling your child in Georgia? Note that one of the first steps in the homeschool transition is creating a declaration of intent.

This article will explain how to write, what to include in, and how to submit the Georgia homeschool declaration of intent. Whether you already have some experience as a homeschooling parent or this is your first time, !

What Is the GA Declaration of Intent To Homeschool?

In Georgia, the declaration of intent (DOI) is a document that allows you to register your child as a homeschool student. As a parent or a guardian of the child, you will have to submit the DOI to the Georgia Department of Education.

In case you’ve started homeschooling, you are required to send this document within 30 days of the beginning of homeschooling. You will have to send the declaration of intent for each year your child is homeschooled. The deadline for submitting your DOI is September 1.

Homeschooling Laws in Georgia

The state law in Georgia requires you to create and submit the declaration of intent to homeschool after you withdraw your child from school. Here are homeschooling requirements you’ll have to meet according to the Georgia homeschooling law:

Category Requirement
Requirements for parentsTo teach your child, you will have to present at least a high school diploma or GED
Homeschool hoursYou should provide at least 180 days of homeschooling per year. One school day should include at least 4.5 hours of lessons
Homeschool curriculumYou will have to prepare an educational program that includes the following subjects:
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Language arts
Progress reportsYou should write annual progress reports and keep them for at least three years in your record
TestingYour child must be tested every school year after the third grade
Homeschool diplomaAs a parent, you decide whether your child meets the requirements to graduate or not

Georgia Homeschool Support Groups

If you don’t have any experience in homeschooling and the requirements seem overwhelming, you can turn to your local homeschool support groups. This is a great way to learn more about homeschooling from other parents, get the latest updates, and even make friends.

Here are some of the homeschooling groups in Georgia:

What To Include in the Georgia Declaration of Intent To Homeschool

To write the declaration of intent properly, here is what you need to include in it:

  1. Name and age of your homeschool student or students
  2. Your home address or the location where the homeschooling will take place
  3. Information about your school district
  4. Homeschooling program for 12 months
  5. Your signature

How To Submit a Declaration of Intent To Homeschool in Georgia

You can submit your declaration of intent to the Georgia Department of Education in several ways:

  • Complete an online form—Visit the GA Department of Education website and fill out the form online
  • Send DOI by mail—Print the form or write your letter of intent and send it to GeorgiaDept of Education, Home School Division, 205 Jesse Hill Jr Drive SE, Suite 2053 Twin Towers East, Atlanta, GA 30334
  • Fax your DOI—The fax number of the Department of Education is (770) 344-4623

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