The Only Costco Optical Return Policy Guide You Need

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The Costco Optical Return Policy Explained

Don’t feel like bothering with wordy return policies that fail to make it clear if the particular item is eligible for the return? The terms of the Costco Optical return policy cannot be found on the official Costco website, but we dug a bit deeper!

In case you purchased optical aid (glasses, lenses, frames, and contacts lens) from Costco’s internal pharmacies or opticians and it did not serve you, you were probably wondering whether the company accepts returns of such merchandise. We’ve shed some light on it and will show you the easy way to initiate a return request—using DoNotPay!

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All About the Costco Optical Return Policy

According to the Costco optical return policy, different terms apply based on what kind of optical aid you would like to return, i.e., whether it is:

  1. Prescription glasses
  2. Non-prescription glasses
  3. Contact lenses

Prescription Glasses

Based on the Costco eyeglasses return policy, Costco Optical does not accept returns or exchanges of prescription glasses or sunglasses as these are regarded as personalized items. The only exception to the rule is if Costco made the wrong prescription. In such instances, you would have to schedule an appointment so they fix the error.

Non-Prescription Glasses

According to the non-prescription Costco glasses return policy, these items are covered by Costco’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means you can return such glasses anytime. For exchanges, the return window varies between:

  • 60 days
  • 90 days

Contact Lenses

You can return your contact lenses to Costco Optical within five years from the purchase date, as long as they are not opened, used, or damaged. Costco Optical offers trial lenses so you can make sure the particular brand is the right choice for you before the purchase.

How To Return a Costco Optical Product

To return contact lenses or non-prescription glasses, the Costco Optical return policy offers:

  1. Warehouse returns
  2. Website returns

Warehouse Returns

To get an immediate refund, you can opt for returning the item to the closest Costco location by following these steps:

  1. Have your member’s card ready (bringing the receipt or original product packaging just in case would also help but is not mandatory)
  2. Bring the product to a Costco warehouse
  3. Reach out to anyone from the Member Services Team for assistance

Website-Initiated Returns

To initiate a return process on the Costco website, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Costco account
  2. Click on Orders & Returns
  3. Choose the Return Items option next to the selected order
  4. Follow the instructions and submit the request
  5. Check your email for a return label and send the product back to the closest warehouse

Return a Faulty Product to Costco Optical With Ease! Use DoNotPay!

If you feel uncertain over whether your return request will be addressed, try DoNotPay—we will set a deadline for the company to respond to your request and provide you with a free shipping label! Using any web browser, do the following:

  1. Look up the Return My Purchase product
  2. Answer several questions about your purchase and provide photos if applicable
  3. Submit the request

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Demand a Refund for Your Faulty Item With DoNotPay

If you’d like to know when exactly the company will issue a refund for an order sent back via mail, DoNotPay can lend a helping hand once again! Here’s what you should do to get a fast refund:

  1. and find the File a Chargeback feature
  2. Click on Get Protected
  3. Take a quick questionnaire about your purchase
  4. Click on Sign and Submit

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