Find Out Everything About the Vitamin Shoppe Return Policy

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The Vitamin Shoppe Return Policy—All Questions Answered

Have you received an expired or damaged product? Count on DoNotPay for easy and quick returns as we walk you through the Vitamin Shoppe return policy in no time.

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Know What the Vitamin Shoppe Return Policy Is All About

You can return any opened or unopened product bought from any offline or online Vitamin Shoppe store to any retail location within 30 days from the date of purchase.

If the product you want to return is:

  • Unopened and you have the receipt, the company will make the refund to the original payment method
  • Opened and you have the receipt, Vitamin Shoppe will provide a refund in the form of an in-store merchandise credit
  • Opened or unopened and you don’t have the receipt, the company will provide a refund in the form of an in-store merchandise credit for the lowest selling price during the prior 30 days

Vitamin Shoppe Return Policy for Orders Placed With PayPal

If you bought a product online with PayPal, Vitamin Shoppe will provide the refund in the form of an in-store merchandise credit, regardless of whether the product was opened or unopened. You can return online orders bought with PayPal to any of the Vitamin Shoppe stores.

If you want to receive the refund to your PayPal account, return your item to one of the Vitamin Shoppe distribution centers.

How To Return Vitamin Shoppe Products Purchased Online

Vitamin Shoppe gives you two ways to return an item that you purchased online or over the phone:

  1. Take the product to a Vitamin Shoppe retail store for exchange or return. Make sure you have your credit or debit card you used to make the purchase to get the refund (if applicable)
  2. Return it via mail

If you select the second option, you are responsible for the cost of shipping. You need to pack the item carefully and ship it to one of the Vitamin Shoppe distribution centers:

The Vitamin Shoppe

Attention: Returns Department

112 The Vitamin Shoppe Way

Ashland, VA 23005


The Vitamin Shoppe

Attention: Returns Department

925 N. 127th Avenue

Avondale, AZ 85323

Vitamin Shoppe Return Policy Exceptions

If you purchased a product:

  • Worth over $1,000, you need to ship it to one of the Vitamin Shoppe distribution centers
  • Through Amazon, you cannot return or exchange the item at any Vitamin Shoppe retail store because Amazon restricts credit card information. You need to return any Amazon purchase to one of the company’s distribution centers

Vitamin Shoppe does not accept any returns to the company warehouse.

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