What To Do if You Get Your AT&T Account Suspended?

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AT&T Account Suspended—Learn How To Recover It

AT&T is a company that manages millions of internet, cable TV, and phone accounts. If you got your AT&T account suspended, you can rely on DoNotPay to help you make an appeal.

In this article, we’ve gathered all the information about the AT&T account suspension and possible solutions for the issue. If you are wondering whether you can appeal a suspended account and why you got suspended in the first place, we provide the answers.

AT&T Suspended Account—Possible Reasons

In its terms of service, AT&T states that it reserves the right to change, suspend, or terminate user accounts for any reason. The most common reasons for getting your AT&T account suspended are:

  • AT&T Acceptable Use Policy violations
  • Going over the AT&T data limit
  • Lost and stolen AT&T device

AT&T Suspended Account—The AT&T Use Policy Violation

Any misuse of AT&T services and actions that go against the AT&T Acceptable Use Policy are reasons for an AT&T account suspension. Here are some examples of what that encompasses:

  • Abuse and threats directed towards customer representatives or employees
  • Fraud and illegal use of AT&T services
  • Inaccurate or misleading user credit information
  • Violation of intellectual property rights
  • Violation of privacy policy
  • Failure to make the required payments

AT&T Suspended Account—Lost and Stolen AT&T Device

If you report to AT&T that your wireless device is stolen or lost, the company can temporarily suspend service to your account. Once you get a new device, you can get unsuspended by contacting AT&T customer support.

AT&T Suspended Account—Going Over the AT&T Data Limit

If you are using AT&T off-net services, you should know that they have limitations you should not exceed. You will get suspended if you exceed the limits of the following offline data:

  • Using more than 750 minutes per month
  • Going over 3,000 messages per month
  • Exhausting over 100 megabytes per month

If you went over any of these data limits, AT&T will send you a warning before a suspension.

How To Get Your AT&T Account Back After the Suspension

Your AT&T account may be suspended if you were:

  • Late with payments
  • Hospitalized or incarcerated
  • Serving the military

How To Get Unsuspended After a Non-Payment Suspension

If you got suspended because you failed to make a payment for your AT&T service, you can easily get your account back by following these steps:

  1. Pay the entire amount of your past-due balance
  2. Wait five minutes
  3. Restart your device to get the service back

How To Get Your AT&T Account Unsuspended After Hospitalization or Incarceration

To reactivate your AT&T account when you get released from hospital or jail, you have to:

  1. Contact AT&T customer service
  2. Provide information about the date of your release

Unsuspension Process for Military Suspensions

If you had your AT&T account suspended while you were serving the U.S. army, you should contact AT&T customer service. An AT&T customer representative will help you reactivate your account.

What To Do if You Get Your AT&T U-verse Account Suspended?

In case you are using AT&T U-verse TV services, your account may get suspended if you:

  • Fail to pay monthly fees
  • Exceed your service limitations
  • Violate the terms of service
  • Engage in illegal or fraudulent actions

If you get suspended for any of these reasons, you will have two options:

  1. Follow the reactivation procedure for non-payment suspensions
  2. Contact AT&T customer support

Sometimes, these actions will not be enough. You may pay your past-due balance and even contact customer service to file an appeal and not get unsuspended.

To make sure AT&T representatives notice you and process your appeal faster, and let our app draft you a demand letter!

DoNotPay Helps You Get Access to Your AT&T Account in a Trice

Our app can make sure AT&T takes your appeal seriously. We will do that by drafting a demand letter and sending it to AT&T on your behalf. In this letter, we will request AT&T to take a look at your appeal and reconsider its decision. All you have to do is:

  1. Locate the Unban My Account feature
  2. Provide our chatbot with information such as:
  3. Name of the platform that suspended your account
  4. Suspension date
  5. Reason for your suspension
  6. Type of service and whether you want a refund or not (if it is a paid service)

When you answer all of our questions, verify your signature and hit Submit.

DoNotPay will then create a personalized demand letter within minutes, and we will send it to AT&T right away. The letter will include a two-week deadline for AT&T to respond.

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