Had Your Verizon Account Suspended due to Non-Payment? Check Out Some Quick Fixes

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Verizon Account Suspended?—Non-Payment Suspension Resolved in a Flash!

A functioning telephone and internet connection are essential. This is why it is immensely frustrating to have your Verizon account suspended. Non-payment is a frequent reason for suspension, but the problem is easily solvable.

You can appeal your suspension by contacting Verizon customer support, but they might take some time to answer due to the high workload.

DoNotPay is here for you if you wish to speed up this process and have your account reinstated more quickly and easily. to lodge a complaint in a few minutes and receive a prompt response.

What To Expect if Verizon Suspended My Account

None of your services will be available if your Verizon account got suspended. What this means is you:

  • Can’t receive or make calls
  • Can’t receive or send text messages
  • Won’t be able to connect to the Wireless carrier
  • Won’t have any signal on your phone

If you haven’t paid your Verizon bill in a while, this is the most probable reason why the company cut you off.

Other Reasons Why Verizon Suspended My Account

Forgetting to pay your bill isn’t the only issue that can get you suspended from Verizon service. There are several others, such as:

  • Suspicious activity
  • Unauthorized login
  • Violation of the Fair Usage Policy, including using Verizon services in a way that:
    • Is harmful to minors
    • Is unlawful, fraudulent, or deceptive
    • Involves threats to others, harassment, or abuse
    • Is ethnically, racially, or in any other way offensive to others
    • Includes obscene behavior or pornographic content
    • Is an invasion of other people’s privacy
    • Infringes on Verizon’s or a third party’s copyright content, confidentiality policy, or other rights
    • Promotes violence or criminal activities
    • Can be interpreted as advertising or promotions of different sorts
    • Involves collection or usage of other users’ personal information
    • Provides material or another form of support to terrorist organizations
    • Counts as reverse engineering with the aim of discovering the source code for the computer systems that operate Verizon’s service
    • Involves accessing any of the company’s resources by any other method than the one provided via the user interface
    • Uses malware to disrupt the company’s resources
    • Involves copying or reselling of the company’s resources

Verizon Account Suspended—Non-Payment Suspension Solution

If piled-up bills are the only reason behind your suspension, you need to pay all the bills that are overdue. This should reactivate your account automatically.

You can pay your bills in a few ways:

  1. Through My Verizon or My Fios App if you can access them
  2. Through the no-login payment page
  3. In any Verizon store
  4. At some CheckFreePay locations
  5. At some WesternUnion locations

A Trick for Avoiding Verizon Account Suspension Due to Non-Payment

Verizon offers a convenient feature that enables you to pay your bill after the due date and still keep access to all services. This option is called a payment arrangement, and it has two forms. You can:

  • Schedule a payment—Set up an automatic payment from your bank account for the date that suits you
  • Promise to pay—You only provide a date when you’ll be able to pay, but don’t set up an automatic payment. This requires you to go to a physical store or make an online payment before the new due date

Both these options also allow a split payment arrangement—splitting your bill into two parts and setting a payment date for each part. You can also use DoNotPay to find the best option to lower your Verizon or Verizon Fios bill.

Get Your Verizon Account Suspension Smoothly Removed via DoNotPay

In case your account isn’t reinstated once you’ve cleared all outstanding bills from Verizon, you should reach out to their customer support and lodge a complaint.

Bear in mind that you may have to wait for days before you hear from the company’s support team. This isn’t unusual considering the number of messages they get, but you still deserve better treatment.

DoNotPay’s got your back! and gain access to our Unban My Account feature that helps you compose and send a customized and effective complaint letter. This way, you’ll put additional pressure on Verizon’s support team to take your case seriously and give it a priority.

Here is how to use our unbanning tool:

  1. Type in the name of the company that suspended your service
  2. Provide your account details:
    1. Account ID
    2. The email address connected to it
    3. The date your issues started
  3. Let us know if you have any concerns about being discriminated against on the basis of color, gender, nationality, etc.

Our app will use all this data to create a demand letter and send it to Verizon with a two-week reply deadline.

DoNotPay can also help you recover your access to AT&T and MetroPCS services.

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