ADP Account Suspended—How To Recover It

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ADP Account Suspended—Learn What You Can Do About It

ADP management and HR software can simplify your company’s processes. When you get used to streamlining and automating procedures with the provided solutions, getting your ADP account suspended can cause a disturbance. What can be the reason behind this unfortunate event? Is there anything you can do to get your suspended account back? DoNotPay will explain it all!

Find out why ADP prevents users from accessing their accounts and what you can do about the issue. If you need to get back on this platform as soon as possible, subscribe to DoNotPay and we will make sure that your suspension appeal is prioritized.

Why Is My ADP Account Suspended?

Your ADP account can be suspended due to:

  1. Inactive account for an extended time period
  2. Restricted access
  3. Violated copyright policy
  4. Tampered software
  5. Broken laws

Inactive Account for an Extended Time Period

To prevent fraud and account abuse, ADP suspends accounts when they are inactive for a long period. How many days need to pass before your account gets blocked depends on your user role and the last activity on your account.

Revise the table below to see if your account was suspended because of inactivity:

Type of UserUser Didn’t Log in For
Applicant480 days since the account creation480 days since the last login30 days since password reset
Self Service480 days since the account creation480 days since the last login30 days since password reset
Administrator15 days since the account creation365 days since the last login15 days since password reset

Restricted Access

If you are an employee and you receive the suspension notice, the cause can be that you tried to access information that you weren’t allowed to review.

If you think that this is the reason for suspension, contact your payroll department. In case they can’t solve it, it is up to them to get in touch with the ADP Service Center.

Violated Copyright Policy

Within its terms of use, ADP asks its users to respect the copyright policy. You might have broken the rules and triggered the suspension if you did the following:

  • Modifying, copying, transmitting, distributing, displaying, selling, publishing, or using information available on the website for public or commercial purposes
  • Using ADP trademarks, logo, or other marks for any purpose

Tampered Software

If ADP detects that you’ve tampered with the software or information on the website, your account will be suspended until the reps investigate the issue. The activities that will get your suspended are:

  • Modifying, moving, adding, or deleting information on ADP’s website
  • Decompiling, unlawfully using, or reproducing ADP software
  • Sharing trade secrets or proprietary information from the ADP website

Broken Laws

In case ADP suspects that you’ve broken a local, federal, or state law, it will suspend your account. You can’t use the software to violate any laws or regulations.

How To Lift Your ADP Account Suspension

If you had your ADP account suspended, don’t fret! You just need to take certain steps to appeal the suspension decision. The first one is to contact customer service. They will identify the reason behind your suspension and give you further instructions to solve it.

You can get in touch with the ADP reps in one of the following ways:

  1. Call them at (844)227-5237
  2. Use the live chat option on the website

If your account has been suspended due to inactivity, click on the reactivate your account link and follow the provided steps. If you are an administrator, you will need to contact the organization’s administrator to solve this problem.

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How DoNotPay Can Help You Appeal the ADP Suspended Account Decision

Our nifty app is the best solution for anyone who wants to reactivate their account hassle-free.

We can help you solve the suspension nuisance in a jiffy—all you have to do is:

  1. Find the Unban My Account feature
  2. Answer the chatbot’s simple questions about your suspension, such as:
    1. What the name of the platform that suspended you is
    2. When the suspension occurred
    3. What the reason for the suspension is—if ADP shared it with you
    4. Whether you’d like to request a refund
  3. Tap Sign and Submit

That’s it! We will take over from here, create the demand letter, and send it to ADP. The service will have a deadline to address your request and provide you with a response.

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