Learn Everything About the Sprint Return Policy

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The One-Stop Guide to the Sprint (T-Mobile) Return Policy

If you made a purchase and changed your mind about the product, you need to get familiar with the company’s return policy. Sprint, now T-Mobile, will allow you to return the items you are dissatisfied with as long as you follow the established protocol.

DoNotPay will break down the Sprint return policy and reveal how you can create return requests in minutes!

Is the Sprint Return Policy Different After the T-Mobile Merger?

If you bought a device at a Sprint/T-Mobile store, you can request a return on all purchases. The return period for all devices is 14 days, and you may exchange the product only once. When you decide whether you want a refund or an exchange, follow up with the details involved to learn more about the policy and its conditions.

You can return Sprint devices via several methods. Check out your options in the table below:

Start the Return Process ViaYes/No
In personYes

Before returning your device, back up all your photos, contacts and remove account locks, as all your data won’t be recoverable once the device is returned to Sprint.

Initiate an Online Return

To initiate a return online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the T-Mobile website
  2. Find the Chat With an Expert icon
  3. Provide information about the return you wish to make
  4. Request a return kit
  5. Opt for an exchange or a refund
  6. Wait for the return kit to arrive by mail
  7. Mail the product according to the provided instructions

Return kits are created for specific products, so you can only send the product you listed with the return kit you receive.

In-Person T-Mobile Returns

The company recommends in-person returns to ensure fast processing, so you can visit any T-Mobile retail store to get a refund or exchange your product. Follow these steps to make a return in person:

  1. Visit the nearest T-Mobile store
  2. Pack the device in the original box with accompanying accessories
  3. Bring the device you wish to return
  4. Bring the original slip
  5. Choose between an exchange or a refund

If you opt for a refund, you will be repaid to your original payment method immediately.

Mail-In Sprint/T-Mobile Returns

If you want to return your device by mail, T-Mobile will send you:

  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Shipping material that usually includes a box or a padded envelope suitable for the device you are returning
  • Pre-paid return label

If you receive a plastic bag for shipping your return, contact Sprint/T-Mobile customer service, and an agent will send you new shipping material.

You can mail your product via UPS and track your delivery to a Sprint warehouse in the following way:

  1. Visit the UPS website
  2. Choose Track by Reference Number option
  3. Enter your RMA number

Does the T-Mobile Return Policy Sound Too Complex? DoNotPay Can Help You!

Are there too many confusing steps and complex processes in the T-Mobile return policy? If you are struggling to understand all the details and requirements, DoNotPay will help you out! We will create a customized return request to address your case and notify the company about your intention. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. and log in
  2. Choose the Item Return Request feature
  3. Attach photos of the product and all relevant info
  4. Submit your request

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Getting a Refund From T-Mobile

In case you want a refund for the item you’re returning, you should be familiar with the costs you’ll need to pay. Check the details in the table below:

Covered ChargesNot Covered ChargesOther Charges
  • Full retail price
  • Fees and taxes of full retail price
  • Monthly installment agreement purchases
  • Flex Lease purchase
  • Add-on services
  • Monthly plan service charges
  • Out-of-plan usage
  • Related service fee charges
  • Spending limit program
  • Detail bill fees
  • Paper bill fees
  • Restocking fee for some devices

You may need to pay a restocking fee for the device you are returning. Restocking fees are based on the Full Retail Price (FRP) and may be charged as follows:

Full Retail Price (FRP)Restocking Fee
$600 and more$70
Less than $300$20

If the device you are returning is damaged, you may be charged the restocking fee for the full retail price of the product.

Demand a Refund From T-Mobile Using DoNotPay

Getting a refund from T-Mobile/Sprint doesn’t have to be difficult. With our app, you only need to answer a couple of questions, and we will handle your refund request.

To start the process, and do the following:

  1. Choose the File a Chargeback product
  2. Click on the Get Protected option
  3. Share a few details about your purchase
  4. Click on Sign and Submit

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