Check Out the Ultimate Sample Letter of Intent To Homeschool in NY

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The Best Sample Letter of Intent To Homeschool in NY You Will Ever Find

Many parents in New York consider homeschooling the most attractive education option, but switching to this method isn’t a breeze. Most U.S. states require submitting a letter of intent to the local school superintendent, informing them of opting your kid out of the regular school. Most people don’t know how to write such a document or what info they should include, which is why they usually turn to suspicious online templates.

In this article, we will introduce you to a perfect sample letter of intent to homeschool in NY and show you how to write this notice with minimal effort. If you are too busy to do it yourself, you will also find out how to create and send the document within minutes by !

Homeschool in New York Explained

New York doesn’t belong to the states where homeschooling is easy or flexible. This area has strict homeschool laws and proposes specific criteria parents and students must meet to switch to this learning method. Find more details in the following table:

Minimum homeschool ageSix years old
Maximum homeschool age16–17 years old
Mandatory (core) homeschool subjects
  • K–12
    • Fire safety
    • Traffic safety
    • Substance abuse
    • Patriotism and citizenship
    • U.S. and New York history
  • Grades 1–6
    • Music
    • Writing
    • English
    • Health
    • Science
    • Reading
    • Spelling
    • Arithmetic
    • Geography
    • U.S. history
    • Visual arts
    • Physical education
  • Grades 7 and 8
    • Art
    • Health
    • Music
    • English
    • Science
    • History
    • Geography
    • Mathematics
    • Library skills
    • Practical arts
    • Physical education
  • Grades 9–12
    • Health
    • Art or music
    • Mathematics
    • English
    • Social studies
    • Science
    • Physical education
    • Electives
Required teaching qualificationsNone—the teacher should be “competent,” but this term isn’t explained further in the statute
Can someone else homeschool your child in New York?Yes
Can you start homeschooling mid-year?Yes
Can you create a curriculum for your homeschooled child?Yes
Is recordkeeping required?Yes
Is knowledge assessment required?Yes, annually
Do you have to file reports?Yes, each quarter
Are there any immunization requirements?No
Required number of school hours per year
  • 900 hours in grades 1–6
  • 990 hours in grades 7–12
Approximate expensesVarying, depending on the necessary purchases and available resources

Do You Have To Submit a Letter of Intent Before Starting Homeschool in New York?

Yes—sending a notice of intent to homeschool to the appropriate school district is a must in New York. The primary purpose of this document is to let the school authorities know that you want to start teaching your child at home.

You must submit the notice to the local school superintendent by July 1 of every year. If you want to withdraw your child from public school in the middle of the year, the letter of intent must reach school authorities within 14 days from the moment you start to homeschool.

What Should a Notice of Intent To Homeschool in New York Look Like?

The main elements of a solid notice of intent to homeschool are:

  1. Name and birth date of the child
  2. Address of the place where homeschooling will take place
  3. Grade your child will be starting once they begin homeschooling
  4. Statement confirming that you will homeschool your child for the entire year

Here’s an example of a successfully written letter of intent:

[Names of both parents]

[Parents’ home address]

[Notice submission date]

Dear [Name of the superintendent],

With this letter, I confirm that I intend to start homeschooling my child, [Name of the student], for the entire [next school year]. He/she was born on [birth date], and this school year, he/she will enroll in [grade]. The student will receive home education from me, her mother/father, [Name of the homeschooling parent] at the address stated above. Homeschool education starts on [desired start date].

Sincerely/Best regards/Thank you,

[Title] [Name of the parent]

The letter should be straightforward, without unnecessary information or detailed descriptions.

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