DoNotPay Presents the Reasons To Homeschool Your Child

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Reasons To Homeschool Your Child—DoNotPay Explains the Benefits of Teaching at Home

Homeschooling has been the subject of many debates for a long time. While some parents believe it’s a perfect solution for their children, others hesitate to embark on that journey for various reasons.

If you are confused by opposing opinions and cannot figure out if this method is acceptable for your kid, DoNotPay can help! In this article, we share the crucial reasons to homeschool your child and take control of their education. You will learn when and why parents usually opt for home-based education and what effect the change of the regular learning routine can have on homeschooled students.

Homeschooling in Brief

By starting homeschool, you are taking your child out from the public or private school in your district and taking over the role of their teacher or learning coordinator. It means that:

  • You will be fully responsible for your child’s future educational progress
  • Most curricular activities will take place at home or other desired locations, except the group available activities offered by local public schools
  • The classes must be organized according to the pre-purchased program or the curriculum you created
  • The homeschool curriculum must include the core (mandatory) subjects proposed by the state law
  • You can choose to teach your child yourself or hire another person with the necessary skills and experience
  • The school authorities in your district must be aware that you are withdrawing your kid from the institution, whether it happens at the beginning or in the middle of the school year
  • You must comb through local laws and inform yourself about the current homeschool requirements in your state
  • Your child must complete the same number of school days per year—or school hours per day—as their peers in regular schools
  • The upcoming homeschooling expenses will be your responsibility

Why Do Parents Decide To Homeschool Their Children?

In most cases, people decide to start homeschooling once their children’s ability to learn in traditional schools is compromised. These situations include but aren’t limited to:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Other special needs, such as autism
  • Toxic and hostile school environment
  • Strict travel schedules of young athletes
  • Inability to attend school during relocation to another state or continent
  • Miscommunication with other children that results in dangerous situations, such as bullying
  • Dissatisfying education quality within standard public school programs

What Are the Top Reasons for Homeschooling My Child?

What’s so great about homeschooling? Why do so many people choose to give up their full-time jobs and become stay-at-home homeschooling parents? You can find the list of reasons in the following table:

  • It’s possible to learn, read, or test students’ knowledge anytime and anywhere
  • Children can have an acceptable learning pace
  • Available subjects aren’t limited to the ones provided by regular schools. Students can dig deeper and find exciting extracurricular activities that may count as parts of mandatory subject curriculums
  • No homework—students do all planned school activities within their regular hours of instruction
  • Students don’t learn only to achieve good grades but to master their skills and explore their interests
  • There’s a variety of learning styles and materials parents or teachers can implement in children’s daily routines
  • There’s less peer pressure
  • Kids with special needs or learning disabilities get customized school programs that are much easier to handle than the regular ones
  • Students spend more time with their parents or siblings and strengthen family bonds
  • Parents can help their kids develop exceptional learning techniques and habits
  • Children can express their opinion and be themselves without being ridiculed or bullied
  • Parents can solve children’s behavior problems right away and limit negative influences
  • Children’s nutritional needs are met more easily
  • Even when kids are sick, they can take up some activities—such as watching documentaries
  • Students can participate in fun school activities even when traveling

I Decided To Homeschool My Child—Where Do I Begin?

Once you are positive that homeschooling is the right choice for you and your kid, it’s time to take the first step towards implementing your new educational routine. Here’s how:

  1. Send a letter of intent to homeschool to the superintendent of your school district. It should contain personal details, info about your child, and a description of the planned homeschool program. You can write it yourself or to generate one in minutes
  2. Learn about homeschooling every day. Search for additional info and use various resources, including:
    1. Books
    2. Podcasts
    3. Magazines
    4. Video materials
    5. Audio materials
    6. Homeschool blogs and websites

You can also get in touch with local homeschool organizations and get valuable advice from other homeschooling parents

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