How To Book an Appointment With a Notary in Temecula

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Booking an Appointment With a Notary in Temecula Explained

Even though it’s crucial for numerous processes, getting a notary’s signature is often a lengthy and exhausting task. When looking for notary services in the cities in California, you should be familiar with available options and choose the most convenient one.

Finding a notary in Temecula shouldn’t be trouble for you! We help you skip bureaucratic procedures and paperwork by booking a meeting with a reliable online notary. Check out our tips and breeze through the notarization procedure with DoNotPay!

What Documents Can Notaries Public in California Notarize?

As authorized officers, notaries in Temecula, Fresno, Oakland, Sacramento, and other places in California can notarize various documents, including:

What Types of Notary Services Can You Find in Temecula?

When it comes to notaries public, California offers four options to its residents:

  1. Standard notaries are usually employed in larger companies or institutions or have their own business. You can find them in:
    • Hotels
    • Credit unions
    • Insurance companies
    • Money transfer offices
    • AAA, UPS, and Amscot facilities
    • Colleges, libraries, and universities
    • Law and accountant firms and offices
    • Local banks, including Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and Huntington Bank
  2. Mobile notaries are the most convenient solution if you are unable to visit a notary’s office or you don’t have any in your vicinity. They travel to agreed-upon addresses and perform notarial acts on site. Their services may cost more than those of the regular notaries because of travel expenses
  3. Electronic notaries validate digital signatures on electronic versions of documents. Even though no paperwork is required, you must be physically present during the notarization
  4. Online (remote) notaries use audiovisual technology to communicate with clients and notarize their documents. They can validate your signature by placing a digital stamp on your document and signing it electronically

What Does Notarization in Temecula Include?

A notary has numerous responsibilities during the notarization procedure. They must:

  1. Confirm your identity by asking you to provide a government-issued identification document. It can be a valid:
    • ID
    • Passport
    • Driver’s license
    • Inmate, military, or employee identification card
  2. Ensure you are of sound mind and sober at the moment of signing
  3. Confirm that you are aware of the contents of the document
  4. Check whether you are signing the document voluntarily
  5. Revise your document and make sure there are no missing pages or blank spaces
  6. Provide their signature and stamp the document
  7. Complete a notary journal entry with:
    • Type of notarial act
    • The client’s signature
    • Date and time of signing
    • The fees charged for the notarial act in question

What Are the Costs of Having Your Documents Notarized in Temecula?

Section 8211 of the Government Code regulates the maximum notary fees in California. Depending on their preferences, the officers can set their rates following those limitations or not charge their clients at all. You can see the maximum amounts they can charge for notarial acts in the table below:

Notarial Act


Executing jurats$15.00
Administering oaths and affirmations$15.00
Taking acknowledgments$15.00 per signature
Certifying copies of and immigration forms$15.00
Providing deposition services
  • $30.00 for all services related to taking a deposition
  • $7.00 per witness for administering an oath
  • $7.00 per certificate to the deposition

The Government Code doesn’t allow the notaries in Temecula to charge their clients for:

  • Verifying circulator’s affidavits
  • Notarizing nomination documents
  • Validating signatures on:
    • Affidavits, vouchers, or applications related to the pension securing
    • Voting materials and ballot identification envelopes
  • Notarizing U.S. military veterans’ documents related to:
    • Pension
    • Insurance
    • Allotment
    • Allowance
    • Compensation
    • Other benefits they are entitled to

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