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Should You Bother With a Georgia Notary Search?

Since running a Georgia notary search on your own can be annoying and take too much time, DoNotPay is here to provide a faster solution. We can help you find and connect with a Georgia online notary in under five minutes and take care of your document notarization stress-free.

With us, you don’t have to waste precious time on the traditional notarization procedure. Rely on DoNotPay and have your contracts notarized in minutes from the comfort of your home!

A Guide to Finding a Notary in Georgia

Georgia residents can find a notary by:

  1. Issuing a query similar to “Georgia notary closeby” on Google
  2. Running their ZIP code through various notary search websites, such as:
  3. Checking if a nearby business or public institution employs notaries. Some of the places that usually offer notary services are:
  4. and allowing us to find an available notary in a snap. An added benefit is that we work with notaries who operate 24 hours a day, every day of the week

Georgia Notaries’ Duties Explained

Notaries in all states are authorized to witness the signing of car titles, living wills, , and other documents that require notarization. Georgia notaries can perform these notarial acts:

Once you show up before a notary, he or she will:

  1. Examine your ID or verify your identity by relying on personal knowledge
  2. Ask you if you:
    • Know what you’re signing
    • Are signing the document in question voluntarily
  3. Check your document to ensure it’s complete
  4. Witness your signature
  5. Write a notarial certificate
  6. Mark the document with a notary signature and stamp

Can a Notary Refuse To Notarize a Document?

Notaries in all states in the U.S.—including Georgia—must decline to notarize documents in these situations:

  • Signer refuses to show up in front of the notary or forgets to bring a valid identification document
  • Document is not complete or has missing pages and blank spaces
  • Notary notices fraudulent or suspicious behavior
  • Signer is intoxicated or mentally incapacitated
  • Document doesn’t require notarization

Georgia Notary Fees

Notaries don’t have to charge fees for their services, but if they choose to do so, their prices must not exceed the state’s limitations. Georgia prohibits notaries from charging more than $2 for each notarial act. The prices must be displayed in a notary’s office or on the website.

Administrative fees aren’t controlled by the state. Notaries in GA can determine their own prices for travel, postage, and other service-related costs. The only condition is that they let the clients know how much they’ll need to pay for the notary services before scheduling an appointment.

Notarization Methods in Georgia

The traditional process that requires you to find a notary, schedule a meeting, and appear in his or her office isn’t the only way to notarize documents in GA. You can also:

  • Book a meeting with a mobile notary
  • Have your documents notarized online

Consult the table below for a brief description of both notarization methods:

Notarization Option


Mobile notarizationOfficials who notarize documents by going from one location to another are called mobile or traveling notaries. Scheduling a meeting with a traveling notary is convenient as he or she will come to any place that works for you, but this method is usually expensive
Online notarizationBecause of the COVID-19 pandemic, the State of Georgia allows notaries to perform online notarization. There’s a good chance that this notarization method will stay permanent if House Bill 334 passes. This means that you no longer need to spend hours on the standard notarization process or spend a small fortune on a mobile notary. Online notarization is the best option for document notarization to this day. It’s quick, simple, and more affordable than hiring a mobile notary

DoNotPay Is the Fastest Way To Connect With an Online Notary in GA

Searching for an online notary in Georgia, Colorado, Maryland, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, or any other state doesn’t have to be difficult. DoNotPay’s handy product will help you find and set up an appointment with a notary in a few simple steps:

  1. Open our Notarize Any Document product
  2. Upload your document
  3. Type in your email address

DoNotPay will send you an email right away. In the email, you will get a link that you should click to book an appointment with a remote notary. During your video-call meeting, the notary will verify your identity, perform the notarial act, and witness the signing of the document.

If you’re not sure how to create a document before getting it notarized, we can help with that too! Our Document feature enables you to write a prenup, lease agreement, non-disclosure contract, or any other document in minutes. Once you create the document, you can get it notarized by relying on the same AI assistant.

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