How To Get a Fake Phone Number for Yahoo

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Don’t Be a Yahoo—Get a Fake Phone Number for Yahoo Mail!

If you’re concerned about your privacy online, you’re not alone. More than 80% of Americans worry about personal data leaks and being tracked by companies.

How do you protect yourself and keep using services, social media, and your Yahoo email? Acquiring a fake phone number is quickly becoming a necessity for people who want to secure their personal information.

Yahoo has several data breach reports and outdated security, so bypassing phone verification is a good idea.

Check out how DoNotPay can help you get a secure phone number for your Yahoo Mail account.

Why Is Yahoo Requesting My Phone Number?

Yahoo claims it wants to verify you’re not a robot or a spammer and protect yours and other people’s accounts, which is why it asks for your phone number. Yahoo could also request your number in one or more of the following situations:

  • You are using a VPN
  • It notices a suspicious activity
  • You tried to sign in multiple times
  • It needs to recover your account
  • You logged in using a different device or browser

Yahoo Email Verification Problems

Even if you want to use your real number to complete Yahoo phone verification, you could run into some obstacles.

There is a chance you may enter the wrong number, which means you won't receive a verification code. You may type in your landline number instead of your cell phone by mistake.

The problem doesn't have to be your fault, either. The glitches could also arise on Yahoo's side. The verification link may have expired, or Yahoo sent the code to the wrong number accidentally.

How To Get a Fake Cell Phone Number for Yahoo Mail

You have several options to acquire a fake number for Yahoo, each with its benefits and drawbacks. Compare all the methods and decide, but we are sure that neither a burner phone nor an app is better than what DoNotPay has to offer.


Using Google Voice

  • Getting a Google Voice number is free and quick
  • You have to provide a phone number to Google Voice
  • It is not reliable
  • Yahoo could block the number
  • Phone scammers use Google voice

Buying a burner phone

  • Using a burner phone for Yahoo will work because you get an actual number
  • Not linking your main number to the burner number
  • Purchasing a burner phone is easy—find them at Target, Walmart, or Supreme
  • You end up with an additional device
  • You might have to buy a SIM card and a prepaid plan
  • It can be expensive
  • You still receive calls and text messages

Downloading fake phone number apps

  • Using these apps is useful for phone verification, business calls, and online dating
  • Some apps offer free trials
  • These apps require your phone number
  • They reroute the calls and texts to your real number
  • The free trials typically auto-renew
  • They offer too many plans and features
  • The apps are expensive

Do I Need a Fake Phone Number for Yahoo Registration?

Yahoo currently requires new users to register with a phone number, and there is no way to skip this part. The good news is that you can use a fake number when creating your Yahoo account.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Yahoo sign-up page
  2. Enter your first and last name
  3. Create an email address
  4. Type in a password
  5. Provide a phone number
  6. Add your date of birth
  7. Click on Continue
  8. Enter the verification code Yahoo sent to your phone
  9. Follow the prompts to finish setting up your Yahoo email

DoNotPay Provides the Best Temp Phone Number for Yahoo Email

Whether you want to create a new Yahoo account or verify your existing one, DoNotPay is the way to go! Our temporary phone number is your ticket to a secure account.

Using DoNotPay to generate a fake phone number comes with these benefits:

  • Bypassing phone verification
  • Not worrying about robocalls
  • Avoiding spam text messages
  • Protecting yourself from stalkers
  • Staying safe from phone number leaks
  • Not disclosing your real phone number
  • Forgetting about harassing calls or texts
  • Feeling protected on dating websites like Tinder and MeetMe

How Does DoNotPay’s Temporary Number Work?

DoNotPay’s Burner Phone feature is convenient and easy to use. With a few steps, you’ll get a number and a verification code for Yahoo.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Visit DoNotPay in your
  2. Choose the Burner Phone feature
  3. Type in Yahoo as the service that’s asking for your number
  4. Select Create a Temporary Number
  5. Click on View My Text Message

In two minutes, you’ll add DoNotPay’s fake phone number and enter the verification code on Yahoo and verify your account. The number and code will be deactivated after ten minutes. This will ensure you are not tracked in any way.

You can use this feature multiple times and verify other accounts such as Gmail, YouTube, Craigslist, or Snapchat.

DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Card Protects Your Privacy Further

Since you want to keep your phone number private to safeguard against an invasion of privacy, you could also benefit from our free virtual credit card.

DoNotPay’s virtual credit card is a fake credit card that includes randomly generated numbers. It is linked to a fake name and email address. You can use it to sign up for different services offering free trials. This card prevents companies from tracking you or making you pay. When they attempt to charge you, they won’t be able to since the card has no funds. They’ll cancel the subscription and leave you alone.

With DoNotPay, you can safely enjoy a free trial free of charge!

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