How to Stop Emails From Twitter

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How to Stop Emails From Twitter With DoNotPay?

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking platform that allows you to post short texts (known as "tweets"), to share thoughts and opinions publicly, and to acquaint the audience with the goings-on. It is a go-to for public exposure of events, public figures, new releases, and so much more.

Despite all the perks, there are facets of the platform that may be quite frustrating, such as a bunch of emails that users get daily. They range from emails about top tweets and stories to the ones about Twitter business products.

Even if you are an avid Twitter user, their emails are probably getting on your nerves, so let’s see how to stop them and what DoNotPay can do to help.

DoNotPay Stops the Unwanted Twitter Emails Today

You can get 10–20 emails from Twitter a day on average. Even if you disable the email notifications on your own, that doesn't guarantee that they won't get turned on in the future. It's nerve-wracking, right?

To put an end to it, we at DoNotPay extend our helping hand. Our AI-supported AI Consumer Champion works hard and finds solutions to almost impossible problems. Let it be of use to you as well. The only thing you should do is create an account on DoNotPay website in your and:

  • Go for the Spam Collector option
  • Enter your email address to connect it with DoNotPay
  • Next time you get a spam email, just forward it to

We are going to take the following steps:

You will be unsubscribed automatically. Our software will check if there's a class action against the sender. If so, you will see a flag in the Spam Collector tab of your DoNotPay dashboard. You can join the lawsuit if the email is illegal; for example, in case you did not agree to get it or if there is no unsubscribe button. You will get compensation in the event of a successful settlement.

How to Stop Twitter Emails on Your Own?

Should you decide to stop Twitter emails on your own, you can do it:

  1. On your computer or mobile device (the steps are the same)
  2. Directly from your email

Bear in mind that there is a chance that Twitter will automatically sign you up for new emails the moment they unveil a new notification category.

Stopping Twitter Emails via Your Computer or Mobile Device

If you've decided to unsubscribe from Twitter emails via your PC or mobile app, follow these steps:

  • Log on to Twitter on your PC, or tap the app on your mobile device
  • Click on your profile picture
  • Select More at the bottom on the left, and go for Settings and privacy
  • Choose Notifications, and in the Preferences sidebar click Email Notifications
  • Tick or untick your preferences from the options menu, or turn off all Email notifications by sliding the blue dot to the left
  • Tap Save changes

Stop Twitter Email Notifications via Your Email

Another way to stop the stream of Twitter notifications is by hitting the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of a Twitter email. Should you encounter any issues, DoNotPay can help you unsubscribe from such emails, too.

Keep in mind that this move will only stop the notifications from Top Tweets and Stories. It won't affect all Twitter notifications.

In addition to unsubscribing from Twitter emails, you can also regulate Twitter SMS notifications in the Notifications settings on your PC or mobile device.

DoNotPay Rids You of Fake Twitter Email

Twitter may not be the only troublemaker you'll have to deal with! Your true nemeses may be scammers posing as the official Twitter platform.

They look like Twitter, they act like Twitter, but they are not Twitter.

These scammers aim to lure you in and persuade you to disclose your personal information while sending malicious content, such as links to spam or phishing sites.

Twitter has made it clear that it only sends emails from or As a countermeasure, the company's Help Center suggests deleting such emails and boosting one's account security, but where does that lead to? Will it end there? No one has that much time on their hands to keep deleting such emails over and over again.

Enters DoNotPay! We come to your rescue by helping you stop phishing or spam emails. Just follow the steps we laid out for you in the "DoNotPay Stops the Unwanted Twitter Emails Today" section above.

DoNotMail with DoNotPay

We know how exasperating it is when you check your mailbox, and instead of finding the important letters you expect, you gape at the nebulously unreasonable amount of junk mail.

You do not have to put up with it any longer! What our DoNotPay robot can do, apart from helping you stop receiving emails, is de-clutter your physical mailbox. Yes, we proudly present to you DoNotMail.

There are multiple benefits of the feature:

  1. Guaranteed removal of junk mail
  2. Environmental sustainability
  3. Compensation through a class-action lawsuit
  4. User's protection from scams
  5. User's full control over their mailbox

We will unsubscribe you automatically and block the senders from sending you paper email ever again. To do it, we just need you to authorize us by submitting a photo of your junk mail. Once you have enrolled and uploaded the photo, we will block the senders. You will never get a paper mail from them again.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do for You?

Twitter is probably not the only spam-mail source you might have a problem with. When there's spam mail from Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Amazon also join the party. You might want to stop such a ginormous pile-up by learning what spam emails are, how to stop them, how to block them on Android or iPhone, or maybe you'd like to report spam email or email abuse.

You can even go a step further and take revenge on spam email. Familiarizing yourself with your customer rights is essential, should you decide to free yourself of all the tension that incessant email notifications bring about on a daily basis.

DoNotPay is here for that reason—to help you take charge of your inbox. But, there is so much more to our app than meets the eye.

Before we move on, let’s take a look at all the perks of using our services.

DoNotPay Way

Other Way
You can afford us

It can be quite costly

We save your time

It can be time-consuming and exhausting
We offer you a bunch of money-saving features

It is not DoNotPay

Should you like to take revenge on TripAdvisor robocalls or the sneaky ringless ones, our DoNotPay robot will hunt them down and rain hell on them.

You can team up with it to plot your vendetta by logging in to your DoNotPay account in any . We can help you:

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