Tackle the eBay USPS Lost Package Issue Efficiently

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Have an eBay USPS Lost Package Problem? Don’t Worry—DoNotPay Can Solve It!

What should you do in case of an eBay USPS lost package? Who to turn to first—the online retailer or courier company—and how?

We answer and offer the most convenient solution to your delivery issues. You can request a refund via DoNotPay in a matter of minutes!

Facing an eBay USPS Lost Package Situation—What Now?

If you have not received your eBay order by the expected delivery date, you should do the following:

Steps To TakeAdditional Tips
Check the delivery detailsYou can access the details in your eBay account within the Purchase history section. Make sure the delivery address is correct and complete, and check the estimated delivery date
Get in touch with the sellerIf you spot any delivery information irregularities, contact the seller to inquire whether they could:
  • Modify the delivery address
  • Cancel your current order and make a new one (unless they have already dispatched the package)

In the latter case, you could try picking up your shipment at the listed address

Contact eBayIf the seller does not get back to you in three days, you could get a hold of eBay directly and ask them to step in

If you would like to inform the seller or eBay about your missing package, make sure you meet the appropriate time requirements. You should notify:

  • The seller up to 30 days after the expected delivery date
  • eBay between three and 21 days after you informed the seller of the issue

An eBay Package Lost by USPS Can Be Tracked Down

A USPS lost package does not have to be a cause for distress. You might have to be patient as the shipment could be late, especially if it is coming from a foreign country like China.

Another action you could take before contacting USPS or filing a claim is to look for the package. If the shipping status indicates that the package has been delivered, you should start with the following:

  1. Inspect your mailbox and the area around your home since couriers can leave a parcel somewhere safe, including your:
    1. Side or back door
    2. Garage area
    3. Backyard
    4. Porch
  2. Visit your neighbors to check whether your package was delivered to them. This can happen if you:
    1. Were not at home
    2. Entered an incomplete address

If your package does not turn up, you should file a claim with USPS.

Request a Refund for a USPS Missing Package From eBay

You can file a claim with USPS using:

  1. Mail
  2. Online form
  3. DoNotPay’s Late Delivery Refund automated tool

Love a Pen and Paper? Start a Claim via Mail

USPS can send you their claim form by mail if you prefer the paper version. Initiate the procedure by contacting USPS customer service at 1-800-332-0317 and asking for a paper Domestic Claim Form.

The representatives are available Monday–Friday, 6 a.m.–6 p.m. CT. Once you get the form, you should:

  1. Fill it out
  2. Provide any supporting documentation
  3. Send everything to the address listed on the form

USPS Lost My Package From eBay—Is an Online Claim a Good Way?

You could submit your claim with USPS for priority, insured, and registered packages by taking the following steps:

  1. Open the File a claim page
  2. Check the filing period, which depends on the type of the missing package. You will have to wait between seven and 75 days before filing your claim
  3. Gather the necessary details and documentation, such as:
    1. The label and tracking number
    2. Printed electronic label record
    3. Purchased insurance and original mailing receipts
    4. Proof of value, e.g., sales receipts, settled invoices, card billing statements, etc.
  4. Submit the claim via your USPS account

to get valuable information about how late USPS deliveries can be, what you should do to receive an eBay or USPS refund, or how to claim USPS insurance, to name but a few related topics.

Requesting a Refund From USPS Is Not Complicated if You Choose DoNotPay

Consider DoNotPay when you want to avoid:

  • Looking for courier information and contact details
  • Trying to reach customer service time and time again
  • Waiting forever for a response

and follow these straightforward instructions:

  1. Go for our Late Delivery Refund product
  2. Select the courier company, i.e., USPS
  3. Provide the necessary details regarding your shipment

DoNotPay will automatically send a lost package claim to USPS on your behalf.

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