How to Get a Refund for USPS Shipping Label From Ebay

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Get a Refund for USPS Shipping Label From eBay the Easy Way!

eBay doesn’t need an introduction. The online shopping giant has been around since 1995, and it has managed to attract 182 million users worldwide so far. The popular website facilitates sales between consumers, but it also allows businesses to set up accounts and offer their wares.

To make shipping easier, eBay introduced eBay Labels. This service is supposed to enable sellers to save time and money by printing their shipping labels directly from eBay's website.

How Do eBay Shipping Labels Work?

eBay wanted to ease the shipping and handling procedures for sellers. As per their website, using eBay labels is 24% cheaper than retail shipping costs. It allows users to handle all of their labels from one place, with tracking information automatically uploaded and sent to the buyer.

eBay shipping labels work with FedEx and USPS. The USPS services available through eBay labels include:

Domestic Services to Street & PO Box Addresses

International Services

  • Parcel Select
  • Priority Mail
  • Media Mail
  • Express Mail
  • First Class Package Service
  • Priority Mail Express International
  • Priority Mail International
  • First-Class Package International Service (FCPIS)
  • First Class Mail International

How to Use eBay Labels?

If you need help with using eBay shipping labels for the items you sold, here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to My eBay with your credentials
  2. Go to Sold and find the item that needs to be shipped
  3. Click on Print Shipping Label
  4. Type in the parcel’s weight and dimensions (you can use eBay’s shipping calculator for assistance)
  5. Choose a carrier and your preferred method
  6. Hit Print Shipping Label
  7. Put the label in a visible place on the package

Labels can be printed out in bulk, and if your printer doesn’t do the job properly, you can reprint the label at no extra charge.

In case you print out a USPS label but end up not using it, you can void the label and get your money back.

How to Get the eBay Shipping Label Refund With DoNotPay

eBay is a huge platform. Finding your way in the sea of tools and features that you don’t need can be challenging even for those who are quite computer-savvy. When you print out an eBay label, but for some reason, the sale doesn’t go through, you don’t want to let that money go to waste.

Secure your refund for the unused USPS shipping labels from eBay with DoNotPay and save yourself some time and money. Our refund method was developed to match your consumer needs with a simple yet efficient process.

You won’t have to waste your energy googling the proper procedures to get that refund from eBay’s customer service. DoNotPay’s users can finish this task from our app in just a few moments. You can start making your life easier by creating a profile on DoNotPay’s website in a . When you log in, follow these steps:

  1. Find File a Chargeback on the homepage
  2. Provide your bank details when prompted
  3. Answer a few more questions about the USPS eBay label purchase
  4. Confirm your identity and signature to finish your refund request

That’s it—no angry emails and no waiting on the phone forever. When you submit the request, our app will handle the refund on your behalf by sending a dispute letter to your bank and eBay. In case you have to strengthen your claim, our app can provide relevant Visa and MasterCard codes and regulations to ensure your success.

How to Get a Refund for Shipping Labels on eBay Using Alternative Methods

eBay doesn’t give a plethora of options when it comes to getting your money back for voided USPS labels. You can find available methods in the table below:

Can you request a refund via

Yes / No










Voided Shipping Label Refunds on eBay’s Website

To void the USPS shipping label and get your money back via eBay’s website, you will need to:

  1. Go to My eBay and sign in
  2. Click on Sell in the top right corner
  3. Find Orders in the Seller hub
  4. Select Shipping Labels
  5. Locate the item that you need to send
  6. Hit the Actions column and pick More Actions
  7. Select Void
  8. State the reason for voiding and, if necessary, type a message for the buyer
  9. Confirm by clicking on Void shipping label

Refunds for Shipping Labels on eBay Can Get Complicated

Voiding USPS shipping labels on eBay comes with a strict time constraint. After printing out the USPS label from the eBay Labels service, you have just five days to invalidate it and receive a refund.

In theory, it all might sound great and straightforward, but in reality, multiple eBay users reported problems with requesting refunds for voided USPS labels. One seller on eBay online community’s website reported that the only way to receive a refund is by calling eBay customer support before voiding the label online.

If you do it before calling the support, you might get directed to USPS reps who will tell you to contact eBay, and you will get stuck in a never-ending customer support loop without seeing your money ever again.

To avoid going through such hell, play smart, and request your refund with the DoNotPay app.

How Long Does an eBay Void Shipping Label Refund Take?

According to the eBay Labels page, refunds for void shipping labels are processed back to the seller’s PayPal account within 21 days. There is no mention of other forms of payment or refund possibilities except for PayPal.

With DoNotPay, You Can Fight Bureaucracy the Easy Way

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If eBay is not the only company you need to fight, don’t worry because our tools work with other businesses. We can provide help even in cases when companies have a no-refund policy.

DoNotPay, as the world’s first AI Consumer Champion, set customer advocacy as the top priority. This pocket-sized superhero of consumer rights handles more than refunds and chargebacks.

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