Reporting a DHL Lost Package the Easy Way

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How To Deal With a DHL Lost Package Without Going Crazy

Just like any other courier, DHL often experiences delays and shipping issues due to various circumstances. If you believe that your package is missing, this article will give you excellent tips for making the right steps toward getting your cash back. Besides dealing with your DHL lost package, you will learn how to tackle the same issue with other popular shipping companies by !

Ways To Check the Status of My DHL Package

If you suspect that DHL may have misplaced your package, you need to track its last known whereabouts and gather evidence of a potential problem. DHL provides two ways to track down your parcel:

Online tracking system
  1. Go to the official DHL website for the USA
  2. Select the Track tab
  3. Enter your tracking number
  4. Hit the Track button
DHL eTrack
  1. Compose an email stating the waybill number or attach the confirmation email you got once the parcel was shipped
  2. Email the message to
  3. Wait for the return email with the results

Once the system takes you to the delivery status page, you will get a full list of all status updates from the moment your parcel was accepted by the courier. There’s also information about the current location of the package and the estimated delivery time frame. Here’s what you can do if your DHL parcel is on hold.

How Will I Know if My DHL Parcel Is Lost?

Regular checks of the delivery status are a vital part of following your parcel. The status gets updated every time the package reaches a different depot or a new stage of the delivery process. Bearing this in mind, no wonder that the lack of new information can make you think that something is wrong with your order or that it may be lost.

Here are two situations that can raise suspicion:

  • The status of the package hasn’t changed for more than 48 hours even though the estimated delivery date is approaching or has already passed
  • The tracking update says “delivered,” but you can’t find the parcel despite checking the entire area around the house and asking your neighbors

What Can I Do if DHL Lost My Package?

The fact that your package hasn’t shown up yet doesn’t mean it’s definitely lost. The best option is to wait for a couple of days, especially if the tracking status already says “delivered.” At times, couriers change it even before the parcel reaches the recipient, so there’s a chance that it may still arrive within 48 hours.

If the status doesn’t get updated or the package remains missing, get in touch with the DHL customer support center in the USA and inform them about the problem. The shipping company won’t raise an investigation on their own, which is why it’s crucial to let them know what happened immediately. You can contact them by calling (800) 225-5345.

The customer care representatives will ask you for more information. Be ready to disclose the tracking ID number, the name of the person who sent the parcel, or the original shipping address. As soon as the reps get all the required information, they will start an investigation procedure to find out what happened to your package. If the courier doesn’t manage to locate the order within a few days, they will pronounce it lost.

How To File a Claim for a Lost Parcel With DHL

DHL allows the recipients to raise a cargo claim for a missing package sent by DHL Express within 30 days of the date when the courier shipped the parcel. You can do it in two ways—by:

  1. Completing an online form
  2. Submitting a completed form via email

Raising a Claim by Filling Out an Online Form

Here’s how you can submit your cargo claim with DHL online:

  1. Visit the Holders and Shippers section of the DHL Express homepage
  2. Select Missing Content or Lost Shipment under the Select the claim you need to file section
  3. Complete the e-form with the required information
  4. Attach the supporting documentation if necessary
  5. Click on Submit

Raising a Claim via Email

If you prefer to fill a cargo claim via email, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the Missing Content or Lost Shipment page
  2. Click on DHL Express Claim Form
  3. Fill out the form manually
  4. Scan the claim and send it to

Make sure your writing is legible since the courier may have trouble deciphering it.

Regardless of the method you opt for, DHL should process your claim and solve the matter within 10–30 business days. The estimated time frame depends on the case specifics. The shipper will send you an official resolution letter via email.

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Courier CompanyPotential Issues

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