How To Deal With a UPS Damaged Package Without Losing Your Temper

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Get the Deserved Compensation for a UPS Damaged Package With Zero Hassle

The last scenario you want to go through after expecting a new package sent by UPS is getting a faulty order. The reasons are many, starting from improper handling to water exposure or unexpected accidents.

What’s the best way to cope with a UPS damaged package, and how can you demand proper compensation for the incident? You will find the best tips for solving these problems in our guide and learn how to report other UPS delivery issues by !

What Should I Do if UPS Damaged My Package?

UPS allows you—the recipient—and the sender to file a claim if the parcel arrives faulty. In other words, you must inform the courier about the condition in which the package was delivered since there’s no other way for them to find out about the problem. The shipping company needs to inspect the damage and consider all circumstances before they offer you compensation.

Whether you are dealing with an international or a domestic damaged UPS package, you must report the issue within 60 days of the delivery date.

How To Raise a Claim for a UPS Package Damaged in Transit

The company proposes three possible ways to submit a claim for damaged goods:

  • Online
  • Via phone
  • Via mail

Raising a Claim via an Online Form

An electronic claim is the most frequent method of reporting faulty parcels to UPS. You can do it by following the procedure described below:

  1. Go to the UPS website
  2. Log in to your UPS account
  3. Scroll down the homepage to find the Customer Service section and click on Claims Support
  4. Click on the Start a Claim hyperlink under the Start a Claim section
  5. Complete the required fields
  6. Upload photos and the supporting documentation
  7. Click on Submit

Raising a Claim via Phone

To inform the courier about the problem over the phone, call (800) 742-5877 and tell the customer support representative what happened. The reps may request more details and pictures of the damage and also ask you to bring the parcel to the local post office for inspection.

Raising a Claim via Mail

To file a claim in written form, proceed as follows:

  1. Write a letter and explain the issue in as much detail as possible
  2. Add the photos and the additional documentation about the shipment and the damage
  3. Mail the letter to:

UPS Claims Processing Center

P.O. Box 1265, Newport News

VA 23601-1265

How To Check the UPS Claim Status

You can check the status of your claim anytime by logging in to your UPS account and finding the section that shows the claim updates. The following table shows possible status variations:

Claim StatusExplanation
Claim IssuedYour claim was raised and forwarded to the shipper
Claim Reported—Supporting Documents ReceivedThe additional documentation and pictures of the damage were successfully added to your claim
Claim Review in ProgressThe courier’s claim department is currently reviewing the details of your request
Claim Review CompleteThe department in charge has revised the claim and the supporting documentation, and you can expect the results soon
Claim Not ApprovedThere are two versions of this status update:
  • Insufficient Merchandise Description—The courier needs a more detailed description of the damaged goods. This means that the matter requires more investigation
  • Unable to Contact the Receiver—The courier doesn’t have enough contact details to get in touch with the recipient and complete the investigation
Claim PaidYour claim has been approved, and the shipper has issued the payment

How Long Will It Take for the Courier To Solve the Problem?

After submitting a claim, the company needs approximately ten days to process it. The more specific details you disclose, the bigger the chances of having your problem solved faster.

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