eBay Refund Time Explained

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eBay Refund Time—How Long an eBay Refund Takes and How To Request It

eBay is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. With more than 180 million people who use eBay worldwide and over 1 billion listings, daily refund requests are inevitable. It’s important to know everything about the eBay Money Back Guarantee policy, regardless of whether you use the website to buy or sell.

Besides explaining how to request your eBay refund, this article will also tell you when to expect it, which time frame applies to sellers, how to check your refund request status, etc.

How Long Do eBay Refunds Take?

eBay’s refund policy ensures that buyers can ask for a refund if

  • They don’t receive the ordered item within 30 days from the estimated delivery date
  • The item is damaged or doesn’t fit the description

These are the items that are not covered with eBay’s Money Back Guarantee policy:

  • Real estate
  • Vehicles
  • Websites
  • Businesses for sale
  • Classified ads
  • Classified services
  • Sotheby’s items

You should also take the seller’s refund policy into consideration before purchasing the item. The seller’s return window should be explicit in product details.

Once you file your refund request on your eBay account, the seller has three days to respond, or you can ask eBay to step in and solve your problem. To do it, locate the request in the My eBay section and click on Ask us to step in and help. eBay could also decide to step in and try to solve the issue without you asking. You will be informed about eBay’s decision 48 hours after they review your request.

In case eBay doesn’t step in automatically, and you don’t ask for their help within 21 business days after opening the refund request, the request will be closed.

Things To Know About the eBay Refund Policy

When the seller contacts you regarding your refund request, you’ll have the opportunity to sort the problem out together. Depending on the seller, you might be able to exchange the product or return it and get a refund. Some sellers even allow you to keep the product in question while also issuing a refund.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the policy has slightly changed, and eBay decided to keep the ten-day time frame for returns permanently. This means that, if the seller’s policy requires you to return the item, you will have ten days to ship it back as opposed to the pre-pandemic period when the buyers had only five days to return the item.

The seller should issue a refund within two business days from receiving and inspecting the returned product. The refund will be credited to the original payment method. Banks and credit card issuers might take up to 30 days from receiving a refund to transfer it to your balance. If you paid through PayPal, you should see money on your balance three to five business days after the refund is issued.

How Can I Request My eBay Refund?

These are the available methods for requesting a full or partial eBay refund:

Can You Request a Refund Via

Yes / No








In Person


Request an eBay Refund on the Website

As you can see, the only option to ask for an eBay refund on your own is on their website, and this is how you can do it:

  1. Sign in to your eBay account
  2. Go to My eBay Purchase
  3. Open the drop-down menu
  4. Select the item in question
  5. Choose Return or Item not received
  6. Confirm and click on Resolve a Problem
  7. Respond to questions to get a link for your refund request

Once you receive a refund from the seller, you should close your refund request in the My eBay section.

Let DoNotPay Be Your Shortcut to Getting an eBay Refund

Thanks to DoNotPay, you can learn how to stop eBay emails, but you can also request your eBay refund in no time while respecting the Fair Credit Billing Act. We will even fax the request to your bank and send a letter with all important Visa or Mastercard codes. Another perk of relying on us is that we will contact the merchant on your behalf to collect the evidence that could help you win the dispute.

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  1. Click on Get Protected in the File a Chargeback section
  2. Respond to a few questions about the transaction
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  4. Click on Submit

Has eBay Wronged You? Send Demand Letters To Them With DoNotPay’s Assistance

If you’ve been denied a legitimate refund request, you can send demand letters to eBay in small claims court. Sign in to your DoNotPay account from a , and we will simplify the process and help you determine if your case is eligible for small claims court according to the laws in your state.

If we determine that you can send demand letters to eBay, DoNotPay will assist you in writing the perfect demand letter. The next step is to wait up to 90 days for a response. If their answer is negative or if you don’t receive one at all, you can proceed with the lawsuit.

eBay isn’t the only company we can help you bring to court. Rely on DoNotPay and serve justice to other firms, such as:

  • AT&T
  • Uber
  • Equifax
  • DirecTV
  • United Airlines

eBay Allows You To Check the Status of Your Refund Request

If you think that you’ve waited for too long and you’d like to know what’s going on with your refund request, you can check the status by visiting this page. Once you open the link, sign in to your account, and follow the instructions.

You can also contact your bank or credit card issuer to check what’s blocking the refund.

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