How To Refund Shipping on eBay

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How To Refund Shipping on eBay In No Time

eBay is a world-renowned online shopping website that operates on the principle of auction sales. The platform deals with trading various second-hand or brand new goods and can be used by sellers or buyers. Like all other similar purchase methods, this one also has its drawbacks. The purchased product doesn't always arrive in an acceptable condition although you gave your hard-earned money for it. After the initial dissatisfaction the order-related inconvenience brings, you will probably start looking into ways to obtain a refund.

Does eBay Refund Shipping Costs?

Shipping cost compensation is related to the refund of the products themselves. Dissatisfaction with the item in question is a major reason for wanting to have the shipping fee returned as well. The platform itself doesn’t offer this option—you need to contact the seller and reach a certain agreement with them. Any claim you make to the seller and the stated reason for your disappointment must be supported by valid evidence. Such an approach is necessary for this situation to be as painless as possible for you.

When Can You Request a Shipping Refund From eBay?

When you get in touch with the individual you want to request a shipping cost refund from, they’ll ask you to explain to them what happened. Before you decide to complain, it wouldn’t be bad to know in advance which cases are treated as valid reasons for requesting your postage fee refund. The rules proposed by the platform state that the seller has to refund the buyer a part of the amount intended for shipping costs if:

  • The item doesn’t look the same as on the photos or doesn’t match the description provided by the seller
  • The item suffers any kind of damage in transit or if it was already faulty when put in the box
  • The person who sold the item decides to refund this cost even though your case does not involve either of the two situations listed above

Once the damage or irregularity has been identified, you need to work together to decide whether you need to return the item or dispose of it and if you can get your money back. In case all requirements are met, the seller will initiate a partial refund process in the amount of the postage.

Situations in Which You Aren’t Entitled To Receive an eBay Shipping Refund

Judging by eBay's policy, not every situation in which you’re discontent with the purchase counts as a valid reason to request a shipping fee refund. You won’t be eligible for this process in the following cases:

  • The seller’s policy states you need to return the product to receive a shipping fee refund, but you haven’t fulfilled this requirement
  • The product looks as described and isn’t damaged or faulty, but you don’t like it
  • You changed your mind or you don’t want the product anymore

How To Request an eBay Shipping Refund

There aren’t many options for solving this problem, but the quality of the available ways to do it is what makes the case resolvable and brings encouragement. As the first option, you can use direct contact with the seller. Another, much simpler alternative is sending a dispute letter to the seller via DoNotPay.

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How To Get a Shipping Refund via eBay's Website

To get in touch with the vendor, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your eBay account
  2. Find the Resolve a problem section and check the option I received an item that does not match the seller's description on the left
  3. Choose the order—or a specific product—and the transaction in question
  4. Write a message to the seller explaining the reason for your refund request
  5. Include the evidence you’ve collected so that the seller can be sure that you’re telling the truth

According to the eBay help center, in case you reach an agreement, the vendor must initiate a refund process in the amount of the shipping fee within six days.

What Happens if the Seller Doesn’t Respond?

The seller needs to review your request and respond to the message sent via the platform within three days. If this doesn’t happen and you remain without reply, you can put Plan B into action and start a dispute by getting eBay involved. Before you decide to interfere with the platform itself, you should make sure you meet all the prescribed conditions to get the money back. Keep in mind that the representatives will also ask you to send them the collected evidence to assess the situation in a better way and solve the problem.

To ask eBay for assistance in this matter and start a dispute, you should proceed as follows:

  1. Make sure you’re logged in to your eBay account
  2. Go to Resolution Center and find the case in question
  3. Click on the Take action option
  4. Click on the Ask eBay to step in button

How To Request a Refund With DoNotPay

You don’t want to waste your precious time on long and uncertain correspondence with the vendor? Does it seem to you that eBay doesn’t have too much of an impact on your issue? That’s why DoNotPay is there—to help you save your nerves and sort out this mess.

Here's how you can take advantage of our service:

  1. Open DoNotPay in your
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Find the File a Chargeback section
  4. Select Get Protected
  5. Answer all the questions the chatbot asks and verify all the required data
  6. Provide us with your digital signature
  7. Submit the form

Not only does the app forward your request to the bank instead of you, but it also sends valuable additional documents that will help you get closer to achieving your goal. As suggested by the Fair Credit Billing Act, we will attach all the necessary VISA or Mastercard codes to strengthen your case.

There’s still no progress even though you have done everything to resolve this situation peacefully? In that case, DoNotPay has another option for you—it will assist you with filing an official complaint and suing the platform or the merchant in small claims court. This includes gathering evidence and providing the necessary paperwork for the court.

How DoNotPay Can Help You With Other Issues

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