USPS Damaged a Package From eBay—How To Solve the Issue Stress-Free

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USPS Damaged a Package From eBay—Here are Your Options

Despite being one of the most popular shipping companies in the USA, USPS doesn’t always provide flawless service. The parcels shipped by them often arrive late or—even worse—fully or partially damaged.

These situations happen to many eBay sellers who ship the orders through this courier. This is why our article will explain how you should act if USPS damaged a package from eBay you sent to somebody. You will find out what steps to take, what documents you may need for reporting the damage, and also how to get compensated for this inconvenience by !

How To Deal With an eBay Item Damaged in Shipping by USPS

When the USPS order from eBay arrives faulty, the recipient will probably contact you and inform you about the inconvenience.

The fairest way to deal with it is to refund the paid price to the person who ordered the items. Before that, you should contact the courier and request certain compensation for the trouble so that you can give the money back to the recipient.

Steps You Should Take Before Filing an Insurance Claim With USPS

Before you raise a claim and demand compensation, ensure you made all the necessary preparatory steps, which are listed below:

  • Check whether the parcel is eligible for an insurance claim with USPS—Many packages shipped by USPS are covered by insurance in the amount of up to $100, but not all of them are eligible for it. Check whether the damaged items belong to one of the eligible categories, such as:
    • USPS marketing mail
    • Orders dispatched by USPS Retail Ground
    • Packages shipped by Priority Mail service
    • Parcels shipped by Priority Mail Express service
    • Merchandise shipped by First-Class Mail service
    • Regular packages sent by First-Class Mail
    • Other package services—Library, Media, and Bound Printed Matter
  • Request photos of the damage—Ask the recipient to take pictures that show the damage clearly and send them to you. They will be crucial evidence you will submit along with your insurance claim
  • Ask the recipient to keep the package in a safe place until the issue gets resolved—Once you report the problem, the courier may need additional shipping details that can be found on the parcel. At times, they may even require the recipient to visit the nearest USPS facility and get the parcel inspected. This is why it’s necessary to keep the original box in which the items arrived and all the received goods, regardless of whether they were damaged or not

How To File an Insurance Claim for a Damaged Parcel With USPS

If the faulty items are eligible for insurance, you can choose one of the following two methods to file an insurance claim with USPS:

  1. Submitting an online claim
  2. Sending the completed claim form via mail

The deadline for reporting damaged items is 60 days from the mailing date, but it’s advisable to raise a claim as soon as you notice the issue.

Raising an Insurance Claim With USPS Online

To file an insurance claim by filling out an online form, proceed as follows:

  1. Visit the official USPS website
  2. Log in to your USPS account
  3. Select the Help tab and click on Filing a Claim
  4. Find a Start an Online Claim button and click on it
  5. Complete the required fields
  6. Upload the supporting documentation
  7. Submit the form

Raising an Insurance Claim via Mail

If you are unable to complete an online claim for any reason, the alternative option is to request a paper Domestic Claim Form, fill it out, and submit it. Here’s a more detailed explanation of the procedure:

  1. Call the National Material Customer Service at (800) 332-0317
  2. Inform the representative about the incident and request a Domestic Claim Form to arrive at your address
  3. Fill out the form once it arrives
  4. Mail the claim along with the required supporting documentation to the address stated on the form

Once you get a positive answer from the courier and they approve your claim, you will receive the insurance amount and be able to refund the recipient.

What Additional Documents Do You Need for Filing a Claim With USPS?

Besides the photos of the damage, there are several types of supporting documentation you may need when filing an insurance claim. You can check them out in the table below:

Documentation scan showing the tracking ID number
  • Package label
  • Online label record
Proof of value
  • Sales receipt
  • Statement of value
  • Paid invoice or bill of sale
  • Credit card billing statement
  • Printout of the online transaction showing the names of the sender and recipient and other transaction information
Evidence of insurance purchased
  • Original mailing receipt
  • Printed electronic online label record that shows the insurance details
  • A label stuck to the parcel that shows the package was shipped insured
Proof of damage
  • Estimate of the repair costs provided by a reputable dealer (if necessary)

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