All About Best Buy Burner Phones

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Best Buy Burner Phones: To Buy or Not To Buy?

Aside from spies and criminals, regular people purchase burner phones, too. With the growing issues regarding online privacy, 80% of Americans feel worried and turn to various solutions to protect their real phone numbers. Best Buy burner phones could be your ticket to a safer online experience.

We’ll give you a rundown on Best Buy burner phones and suggest other ways to evade invasions of privacy.

What Burner Phones at Best Buy Are the Best To Buy?

A burner phone used to be a cell phone you buy at a convenience store with cash, and it eventually expires or burns. Major telecommunications companies and different shops, like Best Buy, still sell burner phones, which are essentially prepaid phones.

You can purchase them without a contract, pay in cash, and leave no trace of your personal information. Some prepaid phones come with a SIM card or are locked for a specific carrier; for others, you have to buy a SIM card separately.

Check out some of the best prepaid phones available at Best Buy:

Simple Mobile - TCL A1$24.99
  • 4G LTE speed
  • 16GB internal memory
  • 2200 mAh battery
TRACFONE - TracFone LG Classic Flip Prepaid$29.99
  • 4G LTE speed
  • 8GB internal memory
  • 1470 mAh battery

Verizon Prepaid - Verizon Wireless Takumi


  • 4G LTE speed
  • 4GB internal memory
  • 1500 mAh battery

Why Is Purchasing a Best Buy Burner Phone a Good Idea?

A burner phone can be useful when you want to keep your number to yourself but need a backup for business, strangers, or online platforms. Here are a few benefits of having a burner phone:

  • Evading data leaks
  • Making business calls
  • Escaping robocalls on your real phone
  • Giving a fake phone number for surveys
  • Not giving your real phone number to strangers
  • Bypassing phone verification when signing up online
  • Not disclosing your real number on dating websites like Tinder
  • Protecting yourself from stalkers, harassing calls, and spam text messages

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Best Buy Temp Phones

Before you decide to spend money on a Best Buy prepaid phone, you should consider its pros and cons:

  • You don’t have to sign a contract
  • It is not linked to your main phone
  • You can use it when traveling or posting ads
  • It could be expensive
  • The phone doesn’t protect you from spam
  • You would have another phone to manage

How To Purchase a Burner Phone at Best Buy

If you want to buy a prepaid phone at Best Buy, you can do so online:

  1. Choose a phone you like
  2. Click on Add to Cart
  3. Tap on Buy This Device
  4. Choose between the option to ship or pick up at the nearest store
  5. Click on Checkout or PayPal Checkout
  6. Finish the purchase

You can always go to the store and pay in cash if you don’t want to use your credit card or PayPal.

Where Else Can I Find Burner Phones?

Best Buy is not the only place that sells burner phones. You can also get them in these shops:

Alternatives to Burner Phones

Depending on your situation, a burner phone might not be the best solution. Consider other options that provide you with a fake phone number:


Fake phone number apps

  • Not buying an additional device
  • Having multiple phone numbers
  • Signing up for services with a fake number
  • These apps could be expensive
  • Many companies block them
  • A fake number app requires your real phone number
  • They don’t block unwanted calls and texts but reroute them to your real number

Someone else’s phone

  • This could be a good idea if you need a quick solution
  • It will work for phone verification if the number isn’t already registered
  • You get access to a person’s private number
  • This person will receive calls and messages meant for you

Google Voice

  • It’s free and easy to use
  • Google Voice can give you a number in the area of your choice
  • It is not reliable
  • Most services will block the number
  • Google Voice needs your number to sign you up

You Don’t Need a Burner Phone if You Have DoNotPay

If all you need is a temporary phone number to bypass phone verification, forget about shady apps and unnecessary devices—DoNotPay is the best way to go!

Our AI-powered technology will provide you with a reliable fake number you can use momentarily and verify your account on any website.

Follow these steps to get a number and code for your phone verification:

  1. Visit DoNotPay in a
  2. Find the Burner Phone feature
  3. Enter the name of the service or company requesting a phone number
  4. Hit Create a Temporary Number
  5. Click on View My Text Message

This message will give you the verification code you should enter to verify your account, whether it’s on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, or another platform. After ten minutes, the number will be deactivated, and you can forget all about it.

Another benefit of DoNotPay’s Burner Feature is that you can create multiple phone numbers, one after the other, without any added fees.

DoNotPay’s Virtual Credit Card Keeps You Safe

We understand how valuable it is to have the option to keep your personal data to yourself. Data protection is especially important when money is involved. Most companies offer free trials only if the users provide their credit card info.

This gives them leeway to charge you after the trial expires or you forget to cancel it. One of DoNotPay’s missions is to fight this money-grabbing practice and protect consumers. How?

Our virtual credit card generator will fabricate a virtual credit card with no deposit you can use to sign up for free trials safely.

This free virtual credit card comes with a fake name and email address, so you can rest assured none of your personal details will be revealed. Once a company tries to take money off your account, it will realize this is not possible and cancel your subscription immediately.

When Best Buy Isn’t the Best

DoNotPay knows the best way to deal with Best Buy. Whether you want to understand Best Buy’s refund policy or unsubscribe from Best Buy emails, we are here to assist you!

Say Goodbye to Tiresome Tasks With DoNotPay

Offering Best Buy solutions and providing fake phone numbers aren’t the only strings to our bow. DoNotPay’s scope of expertise is versatile and is sure to help you with big and small problems alike.

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