Want To Throw Away Your Used Weis Gift Card? Check the Balance First!

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Weis Gift Card—Check the Balance on Your Gift Card With Ease

Not sure of the amount left on your Weis gift card? Check the balance on it using DoNotPay. Our app can provide useful info to get the leftover amount on your gift card back in cash!

The Essentials of a Weis Gift Card

Weis gift cards can be used at any Weis location in the United States. The company is not transparent with the terms and conditions of their gift card, but here are a few essentials:

  • The gift card value ranges from $10 to $100
  • Gift cards cannot be reloaded or transferred
  • There is no expiration date on the gift card

Ways To Do a Weis Gift Card Balance Check

To do a balance check on your Weis gift card, you have three options:

  1. At a Weis store
  2. Over the phone
  3. With DoNotPay

Check Your Gift Card Balance at a Weis Store

Check your balance at a Weis store by following these instructions:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Navigate to the menu and click on Stores
  3. Find the store near you by entering your city, state, and ZIP code
  4. Take your gift card to the store
  5. Ask an employee to check the balance on the card

Perform a Balance Check Over the Phone

Here is how you can do a balance check over the phone:

  1. Dial 1-866-999-9347
  2. Press the extension number to speak to a customer support agent
  3. Introduce yourself and provide your gift card’s details
  4. Ask the agent to check the leftover amount on your card

Let DoNotPay Do Your Weis Gift Card Balance Check

Use DoNotPay to check your gift card balance the easy way! Here’s how it works:

  1. Select the Check Gift Card Balance feature
  2. Snap photos of your gift card from the front and back

Once you confirm your email address, we’ll reach out to Weis and find out the exact amount you have left on your gift card.

You Found a Few Extra Dollars on Your Weis Gift Card—What Can You Do With It?

If you find a few extra dollars on your gift card, here are a few suggestions on what you can do with the remaining balance:

MethodBrief Explanation
Use the cardGet your gift card and go shopping! Don’t fret if the gift card does not have enough balance to pay for your purchase. Use your credit card as an additional payment method
Sell itConsider selling your gift card to a family member or a friend who loves shopping for groceries at Weis.

If your efforts to sell the card are in vain, try putting it up for sale on online marketplaces. Platforms like eBay and Craigslist can be good places for selling gift cards

Trade your gift cardIf you’re interested in trading your gift card instead of selling it, there are several online platforms where you can exchange your gift card for another one.

Beware of scammers who might try to give you a fake gift card or an empty one

Can You Return the Weis Gift Card for Cash?

Although Weis does not provide ample information about gift cards, they clearly state that you cannot return your gift card for cash unless required by law. This option is only available for Puerto Rico and 11 U.S. states, including:

  • California
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Massachusetts
  • Colorado
  • Maine
  • New Jersey
  • Missouri
  • Connecticut
  • Vermont
  • Rhode Island

What if we told you we could help you get your cash back even if you live in some other state? Sign up for our app and get your money back quickly!

DoNotPay Will Help You Exchange Your Gift Card for Cash in a Snap!

Customer support experience can sometimes be unpleasant if you’re asking for cash back on a used gift card. Some employees won’t provide you with the info you need, while others might not even know such a policy exists. Why waste hours on tiresome phone calls with customer support when you can use DoNotPay to do it for you?

All you need to do is follow these straightforward instructions:

  1. from your web browser
  2. Type Gift Card Cash Back in the search bar
  3. Enter information about your gift card, including the company name, card number, and the leftover amount

DoNotPay will compile the info and send a cash back request to the company on your behalf. Although the process only works for states with a cash back policy, we can help you even if your state is not one of those.

We will locate the company’s office in a cash back state and forward the request there. You will receive your cash or check within 14 business days.

Keep in mind that every state has set a maximum limit on the money you can get from a used gift card—usually up to five dollars (ten in California). In case you have unused gift cards or your balance is higher than $10, you won’t be able to get your money back using this method.

DoNotPay Provides Useful Info on Gift Cards of Other Companies

Do you have more used gift cards? DoNotPay can help you, regardless of the brand. Check out the table below for more options:

RetailersRestaurants and Coffee Shops

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