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Looking for Scholarships in Georgia? DoNotPay Can Help!

Are you a student seeking higher education in Georgia and in need of financial aid? Finding scholarship opportunities can be difficult if you don’t know where to start from. Regardless of whether you’re a high school senior, graduate, or an international student—DoNotPay can find scholarships in Georgia according to your needs!

Learn where to start your search for Georgia scholarships and what the quickest way is to apply for as many as possible!

How To Find Scholarships in Georgia

There are several ways you can go about looking for scholarships for college students in Georgia, and these are:

A better option would be to ! Our app can compile a list of available scholarships in Georgia for you based on the information you provide, and it only takes a few moments!

What Are Some of the Best Grants and Scholarships in Georgia?

Georgia is home to hundreds of grants and scholarships that help both in- and out-of-state students afford their education. Some of the gift-aid options students in Georgia can apply for include:

  • The Zell Miller Scholarship—A merit-based award that offers students up to $2,174 per semester
  • The Greenhouse Scholars Program—A need-based award for low-income high school students in their senior year. The amount of aid this program offers can reach up to $20,000 per student
  • Woodrow Wilson Georgia Teaching Fellowship—Students pursuing graduate degrees leading to teaching certification in science, mathematics, and technology are eligible for this award. They can receive up to $30,000 and mentorships in their field of study
  • The Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation Scholarship—10,000 Christian women receive this award every year. The foundation prioritizes applicants enrolled in medical and nursing programs
  • The APIASF/United Health Foundation Scholarship—Healthcare students of Asian or Pacific Islander ethnicity can receive up to $5,000 annually for three years
  • The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation Scholarships—Public school students pursuing higher education in the fields of history, architecture, and archeology are eligible for this award
  • Veteran Grants for Disabled in GeorgiaVeterans can receive scholarships if their military service led to them being permanently disabled

How To Apply for Georgia College Scholarships

To apply for Georgia College Scholarships, students usually have to submit the following paperwork:

Scholarship Requirements ForDocumentation
Most scholarships
  1. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  2. College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile
  3. Individual scholarship applications
  4. Letters of recommendation
Some scholarships
  • Scholarship essay
  • Student resume
  • Your portfolio that, depending on your field of study, consists of:
    • Films you shot
    • Music you produced
    • Art you created
    • Poems, novels, stories you’ve written

If you’ve never written a scholarship essay, you can check our article on that topic for guidelines and tips!

Apply for Scholarships in Georgia in a Flash With DoNotPay!

If you’re looking for available scholarships at a specific school in Georgia, figuring out which ones you qualify for and applying for them is a breeze.

This is untrue if you’re unsure about which school you want to enroll in or seeking external scholarship opportunities. The number of available scholarships might overwhelm you, but DoNotPay can help you filter them out using your preferences and qualifications! An additional benefit of our app is that you can automatically apply for all available no-essay scholarships and thus increase your chances of decreasing your educational costs!

To see it all in action:

  1. Enter Apply for Scholarships in the search bar
  2. Answer a few brief questions about your field and level of study, as well as your scholarship preferences

Once you complete all steps, you can:

  • Scroll through your custom list of available scholarships in Georgia
  • Learn about their requirements
  • Apply for the ones you choose
  • Compare awards with those from other scholarships

How Can I Earn Scholarships in Georgia?

Check the following table for ways to earn scholarships in Georgia:

FellowshipsFellowships offer awards in exchange for a student’s service, most often in their field of study
ResearchSTEM students can opt for research to earn academic credits, but another benefit is the work experience they can include in their resumes. If you want to polish your scholarship application, research is a solid option
Part-time workStudents who can afford to dedicate time to part-time work can benefit in terms of work experience. Sometimes, that additional work experience can seal the deal for scholarships as it’s perceived as a student’s initiative to pursue a career in a specific field
Clubs/extracurricular activitiesNon-academic-related activities can often lead students to funding opportunities.

The most common awards for clubs and extracurricular activities include:

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