Find a Notary in Yuma, AZ, in a Matter of Clicks

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Learn How To Find a Notary in Yuma, AZ, With DoNotPay

Finding a notary is always a tedious task, but there are multiple ways you can get your documents notarized in Yuma, AZ. Our guide will show you various available notarization options and how to get your documents notarized in Yuma, AZ, in the easiest way possible.

What Does a Notary in Yuma, AZ, Do?

A notary’s job is to witness the signing of documents, thus adding weight to them. To do so, a notary must:

  1. Confirm the signers’ identities by:
    • Checking their IDs
    • Asking them a couple of authorization questions
  2. Make sure that all parties are signing the document willingly
  3. Witness the signing
  4. Add their signature and seal the document with a notary stamp

What Notarial Acts Can a Notary in Yuma Perform?

Notaries in Yuma, AZ, can provide you with various notary services, such as:

Which Types of Notaries Are Available in Yuma, AZ?

There are various types of notaries you can find in Yuma, AZ, including:

  1. Traditional in-person notaries
  2. Mobile notaries
  3. Remote online notaries
  4. Electronic notaries
  5. Notary signing agents

In-Person Notaries

Traditional notaries work from their office and are the most common and available type. With other options on the table, and since there’s a global pandemic going on, this method is not the most convenient one.

If you choose to get your documents notarized in person, you’ll have to:

  1. Find a notary either online or check if they’re available at certain public places
  2. Schedule an appointment
  3. Inquire about the cost of the notary service
  4. Prepare your documents and ID in advance
  5. Visit the notary in person

Mobile Notaries

A mobile notary has the same duties as a traditional notary, except that they can come to your preferred location, whether it be your office or your home. This option is more convenient, but it’s also more expensive due to the additional fees, such as travel ones.

Remote Online Notaries

Remote online notaries perform their duties via audio-video calls and are the best option for you if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. They have to add a digital signature and seal as they notarize documents in digital form.

Electronic Notaries

If you need your electronic documents notarized, an electronic notary is the one you’ll want to look for. The notarization is done in person, but the document should be in electronic form and signed digitally.

Notary Signing Agents

Notary signing agents are the ones you want to go to if you need your loan documents notarized. They can also print and deliver them to you.

How To Find a Notary in Yuma, AZ, by Yourself

Finding a notary has always been a tedious task. To find one in Yuma, AZ, you’ll either have to look for one online or check if certain public places offer notary services:

WebsitesPublic Places

To find a notary without having to spend hours looking for one, ! Our app can find you a notary and help you set up a remote appointment in no time!

Remote Online Notarization in Yuma, AZ

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the state of Arizona has allowed remote online notarization as of April 10, 2020. To get your documents notarized online in Yuma, AZ, some requirements must be met:

  1. The signer and the notary need to be on an audio-video call on an authorized platform
  2. The signers’ identities need to be verified via:
    • Knowledge-based authentication and credential analysis
    • Signers’ IDs
  3. The notary needs to screen the signers for awareness and make sure they’re signing the document of their own will
  4. The document is to be signed with an electronic notary seal and a digital certificate
  5. The online notarization is to be recorded in an electronic journal
  6. The video recording of the session is to be stored for a set number of years

Which Notarial Acts Can Be Done Online?

The state of Arizona allows remote online notarization for the following acts:

  • Taking acknowledgments and giving certificates of the acknowledgments endorsed or attached to the instrument
  • Administering oaths and affirmations
  • Performing jurats
  • Performing copy certifications

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