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Notarization in Mississippi—Is Visiting a Notary Public in Jackson, MS, Necessary?

Visiting a notary’s office is not the only way to get formal and personal paperwork notarized in Mississippi. Because traditional notarization proved to be demanding and time-consuming, other notarization methods—such as remote online notarization—are gaining popularity and taking over.

To find out how to get documents notarized without going to a notary public in Jackson, MS, and let us do the grunt work!

What Can a Notary Public in Jackson, MS, Do?

The Mississippi Code authorizes notaries public to detect and prevent fraud by witnessing the signing of numerous business and personal documents, such as:

The Secretary of State issues the rules that every notary public abides by. The Mississippi Secretary of State also defines notaries’ powers and limitations.

Powers of a Jackson, MS, Notary Public

A notary public in Jackson, MS, is authorized to carry out various notarial acts, including:

  • Oaths and affirmations
  • Acknowledgments
  • Jurats
  • Other acts authorized by the Mississippi law

Notary Public in Jackson, MS—Limitations

Since preventing potential fraud is the main responsibility of every notary public, they must not perform the notarization if one of the following situations occurs:

  • The signer is not personally present for the notarization
  • The notary cannot identify the signer—personally or through an identification document
  • The signer is not aware of what they’re signing, or they’re acting under duress

Mississippi In-Person Notarization Process Explained

One of the problems with standard notarization is that it can take days or even weeks. The entire process can be divided into steps—you can check what each step entails in the following table:

In-Person Notarization Steps


Finding a notaryWhen getting documents notarized the regular way, choosing the nearest notary might be the best solution. You can find a notary public in Jackson in a couple of ways:
Booking an appointmentOnce you choose the notary, you should call or send an email to make an appointment
Gather all the documentsIf you forget a document or the document that needs to get notarized contains blank pages, the notary can refuse to perform the notarization. Besides that, you should provide a government-issued proof of identity, such as an ID, passport, or driver’s license
Going to the notary’s officeMake sure to arrive on time. Otherwise, you might have to reschedule and come again
Waiting for the notary to carry out the notarizationOnce you’re in the notary’s office, they will verify your identity, witness the signing, and perform required notarial acts
Paying notary feesNotaries in Mississippi may charge from $2 to $5 for each notarial act. You should inform yourself about the exact fee for the notarial act you need and possible additional charges before going to the notary’s office
Waiting for the notary to write a journal record and make a notarial certificateOnce the notary completes the notarization, they will write a notarial certificate or statement that contains:
  1. Date and place of the notarization
  2. Notary’s signature
  3. Notary’s stamp

Other Types of Notary Services in Mississippi

In-person notarization is not the only way to get documents notarized in Mississippi. Residents of the Magnolia State can use several notary services to have their documents notarized:

  • Electronic notary—Notarization of documents in digital form is similar to traditional notarization. The signer has to come to the notary’s office, and the same rules apply, but the notary creates a digital certificate instead of a written statement
  • Mobile notary—As the name suggests, mobile notaries perform their service at the location of your choice. A mobile notary can come to your home, workplace, restaurant, or any other appropriate place. They compensate for the costs of travel by charging an additional fee
  • Online notary—On April 7, 2020, the Mississippi government authorized remote online notarization during the COVID-19 pandemic. Online notaries witness signatures and perform notarial acts via audio-video calls, making notarization practical and time-efficient

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