Kohl’s Return Policy—No Tags Returns Explained

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What’s Kohl’s Return Policy if No Tags Are Attached to My Item?

Are you unsatisfied with your Kohl’s item, but you don’t know what Kohl's return policy is? No tags are attached to your item anymore, and you’re doubtful that you can get a refund? Can you even get an exchange?

Before you head to a Kohl’s store, there are a few important rules you should know about. In case you aren’t up for dealing with returns, we’ll give you a go-to solution—DoNotPay.

How To Return Kohl’s Items Without Tags

Thanks to Kohl’s customer-friendly return policy, you can return items even if none of the tags are still attached. The question that remains is how to initiate the return.

You can do that in different ways:

Can I Initiate a Kohl’s Return ViaYes/No
In personYes

The return policy for items without tags doesn’t differ from Kohl’s typical return policy. You can choose to initiate the return:

  • Via mail
  • In person

If you bought the item online, you can return it both by mail and to one of the Kohl’s stores. Keep in mind that store-bought products can only be returned to a retail location.

Returning Kohl’s Items Without Tags to a Store

In case you want to head to a store to give the item back, make sure that you have a valid ID with you. Once you return the product, you can get:

  1. A refund
  2. An exchange
  3. Store credit in the amount of the purchase

If you still have the receipt and you want your money back, you will get the refund to the same payment method you used upon your purchase. The receipt has the information about the purchase date and the price, so items without tags are no obstacle.

In case you had paid with a card and lost your proof of purchase, Kohl’s can look it up, and you can still get a full refund.

If you don’t have a receipt and you show up with an item without a tag, you won’t get a refund. You’ll need to settle for store credit for the lowest discounted 13-week sale price. For example, if you paid $60 for the item, but it was on sale a couple of months ago for $40, you’ll get store credit in that same value.

Returning Kohl’s Items Without Tags by Mail

For mail-in returns, you have a single option—to get a refund. Since you can get your hands on the packing slip through Kohl’s Order History, returning an item without a tag won’t be an issue.

Do the following:

  1. Sign in to your online account
  2. Go to your Order History
  3. Locate and print the packing slip
  4. Fill out the return form
  5. Pack the item and return form in a box, and attach the packing slip to it
  6. Send the box to the address on the return form

The refund will be issued to the card you paid with or any other payment method you used.

Keep in mind that Kohl’s won’t cover the shipping costs. The retailer might make an exception for faulty items that are its own fault, but this isn’t the case with items without tags.

What’s Kohl’s Return Policy for Worn Clothes?

The store’s return policy has no limitations when it comes to worn or washed clothes. If you’ve taken off the tag, worn the clothes, and decided that you didn’t like them, you still have the option to send them back.

The return procedure is the same as described above.

What’s Kohl’s Return Policy for Returning Gifts Without Tags?

Gifts usually come without tags, so Kohl’s has prepared for such returns. If you want to send an unsuccessful gift with no tag on back to Kohl’s, bring your receipt to complete the procedure.

Kohl’s offers you two possibilities for gift returns:

  1. Store credit
  2. Exchange

What’s the Time Limit for Returning Kohl’s Products?

You have 180 days to return a product you purchased. This applies to the products without tags as well.

Premium electronics purchases are the exception as you have 30 days from the purchase date to make the return.

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