Understanding the ROMWE Return Policy—Return an Unwanted Item Without Hassle

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ROMWE Return Policy—Fast Returns of Fast Fashion

ROMWE is a clothing website that attracts millions of customers with fashionable items at low prices. Since online shopping isn’t foolproof, there is always a possibility you’ll receive a faulty item.

To help you understand your rights and return an unwanted product without complications, we created this comprehensive guide on the ROMWE return policy.

Our app makes the entire return process faster and stress-free. Whether you place a return to ROMWE, SHEIN, Ulta, or Nordstrom, DoNotPay can assist you with it.

ROMWE Return Policy in Brief

According to the ROMWE return policy, you can return a defective or damaged product that has been unwashed and unworn. If you purchase a ROMWE item that doesn’t suit you but is otherwise not defective, you will have 60 days to make a return request.

Non-Returnable ROMWE Items

You can return most ROMWE products without problems, but there are some items this retailer considers non-returnable. ROMWE doesn’t accept the following products back:

  • Bodysuits
  • Lingerie
  • Personal and health care items
  • Swimwear
  • Jewelry
  • Accessories (except bags, mermaid blankets, and scarves)
  • Beauty products

You will also not be able to return gifts and items with non-returnable marks.

ROMWE Product Return Methods

To return a ROMWE product you don’t want, you should contact their customer care service within 24 hours of the delivery.

When you place your request, you will be able to return items in two ways:

  • Via USPS
  • Through another mailing service of your choosing

Returning ROMWE Items via USPS

If you want to return a faulty product to ROMWE by USPS, ROMWE grants you the first return label free of charge.

Additional return labels are charged $7.99, which ROMWE deducts from your refund. Because of that, if you are returning multiple items from the same order, you should return them together.

Product Return by a Mailing Service of Your Choosing

If you wish to return items to ROMWE by another shipping service and at your expense, you should:

  1. Sign in to your ROMWE account
  2. Click on My Orders
  3. Click on Return Item
  4. Select products you wish to return
  5. Choose refund method
  6. Send your package

Whether you return your item via the U.S. Postal Service or any other shipping service, you should ensure it is safely packed.

Turn Product Returns Into a Piece of Cake! Use DoNotPay!

Preparing a package for the return and making sure all labels are in place is already a time-consuming task. The last thing you want to trouble yourself with is deciphering return policies and placing return requests to proper channels.

To make the entire process less tiring and complicated, turn to DoNotPay. Our app will ensure that placing a return request to ROMWE or any other retailer goes smoothly—all you have to do is:

  1. via any web browser
  2. Search for the Item Return Request product
  3. Answer several questions about your ROMWE purchase and add a photo of the item
  4. Click Submit

When you complete this procedure, we will tailor a return request letter with all the important data for you. Our app will also send the letter to the merchant instead of you. The letter will include the reason for the return and whether you want to receive a refund or replacement.

In case you are sending your package to ROMWE via a service other than USPS, you will have to pay for the shipping label. This is something that DoNotPay can help you avoid. Our app will get you a return label so you can send your return package free of charge.

How Long Until ROMWE Processes Your Return?

The ROMWE return policy claims that returns are processed within seven business days after receiving your package. If this doesn’t work for you, do not worry.

can help you make it faster by setting up the end date for them to process your return request.

ROMWE Refund Policy

When ROMWE processes your return, you can expect a refund issued to the ROMWE wallet. You can also request to get a refund to the original payment account.

Due to the situation caused by COVID-19, ROMWE states that the refund process will take an additional 3–5 days.

Unfortunately, you will not get a refund for shipping expenses.

Request a Refund for a Faulty ROMWE Product via DoNotPay

In case ROMWE declines your return request, DoNotPay can assist you with initiating a chargeback. You will have to enter our app and:

  1. Find the File a Chargeback product
  2. Select Get Protected
  3. Provide our chatbot with some basic information
  4. Select Sign and Submit

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