The Best Driving Test Tips

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The Top Driving Test Tips To Help You Prep for the Real Thing

No matter whether you want to get a commercial or noncommercial license, you will need to pass the driving test. Many people find it difficult to pass the test the first time they take it. Before you set the DMV driving test appointment, you should prepare well for it.

DoNotPay is here to give you the best driving test tips and DMV practice tests so that you can pass with flying colors!

What Does a Driving Test Involve?

A driving test consists of several parts that assess your knowledge of traffic laws and your ability to operate the vehicle safely. To get a driver’s license, you will have to pass the following:

  1. Vision test
  2. General knowledge test
  3. Endorsement tests for the CDL
  4. Driving skills test

What Do They Ask on a Driving Test?

In the written part of your driving test, you will need to answer questions related to traffic and road signs. If you are taking the CDL test, you might get questions about the specific vehicles and cargo. To pass the written test, you need to get 80% of the questions right.

The driving skills test involves the road test and different maneuvers.

You might get questions and tasks related to the following, depending on the type of license:

TestQuestionsCommercial Licence—Yes/NoNoncommercial Licence—Yes/No

General Knowledge Test

  • Road signs
  • Traffic controls
  • Safety measures
  • Emergencies
  • Other vehicles on the road
  • Cargo transport

Endorsement tests

  • Tank
  • HazMat
  • Passenger
  • School bus
  • Double and triple trailer

Air brakes

  • Maintenance
  • Inspection
  • Usage



Driving skills

  • Road test
  • Passing
  • Parallel parking
  • Straight-in parking
  • Railroad crossing
  • Stopping at intersections
  • Following at a safe distance



How To Pass a Driving Test

Taking a driving test can be nerve-wracking. To make it less stressful, you should prepare well. You can use the following for your preparation:

  1. The state-specific driving test manuals
  2. Practice tests

Driving test manuals contain almost all the information you will need for your written test. The manuals are usually long, and it will take you time to go over all the topics. You can underline the important parts so that you can find them easily when you revise.

When you get familiar with the topics in the driver’s manuals, you should do practice tests to see what you have learned. Practice tests can reveal the gaps in your knowledge, so you will see what topics you need to revise. You can use DoNotPay to find a bunch of driving practice tests—all in one place!

DoNotPay—The Best Source of Driving Practice Tests

DoNotPay offers a large database of driving practice tests for different states, including the following:

CDLNoncommercial License

With our AI-powered app, you can retake the practice tests as many times as you want! To start practicing, do the following:

  1. Use any to set up your DoNotPay account
  2. Enter the name of the test you want to prepare for
  3. Select the test you want to complete
  4. Indicate how many questions you want to get
  5. Start your preparation

You can choose whether you want to have 10, 20, or 30 questions on your test. Whenever you make a mistake, you can correct it immediately. If you prefer, you can also do the whole test and check your mistakes in the end.

Other Driving License Test Tips

Apart from studying the manuals and doing practice tests, you should also try to avoid some common mistakes so that you don’t fail your driving test. Here are some mistakes people usually make when taking the driving test:

  1. Not reading the questions properly
  2. Crossing the intersection on a red light
  3. Going over the speed limit

Here are some other helpful tips:

  • Don’t rush with taking the test—do the test when you feel ready
  • Find a good instructor
  • Practice driving as much as you can
  • Don’t be late for the test
  • Practice driving on complicated roundabouts
  • Use the wipers if it starts raining
  • Check whether your vehicle is in good condition for driving before the test
  • Stay within the speed limit
  • Don’t forget to check your mirrors
  • Be gentle with the brakes
  • Forget about what your examiner might be writing about—focus on the road
  • Don’t get nervous if you make a mistake—not all mistakes are fatal
  • Eat well and get enough sleep before the test.

You can compose a driving test checklist to make sure you have everything that you need on the test day.

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