DMVCheatSheets Review: Features, Pricing, & Best Alternative

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DMVCheatSheets Review: Features, Pricing, & Best Alternative

Are you about to spend $10 of your hard-earned money on a study guide and practice tests to prepare for your state's DMV test? DMV Cheat Sheets claims they have helped over 1.3 million people just like you to prepare for and pass their driver's licenses, driver's permits, motorcycle licenses, and commercial (CDL) driver's licenses. But just how much real help is this product and how legit is a , to begin with?

In this article let's look at and review the DMV Cheat Sheets product. We will show you a simple and much easier solution from a more trusted name in DoNotPay.

What Is DMV Cheat Sheets?

When you first go to DMV Cheat Sheets, the attention-grabbing headline is impossible to miss. “Master your driving written test in 10 minutes or your money back guaranteed.”

That headline has been doing its job because DMV Cheat Sheets claims to have successfully helped over 1.3 million people prepare for and pass their state's DMV test.

When you pay for the DMV Cheat Sheet and the test bundle for your particular state, you will get:

  1. The steps to take when getting your license;
  2. What you will need to bring to the DMV;
  3. All the requirements for getting your license;
  4. Associated DMV Fees;
  5. The top 50 Essential Question & Answer study guide questions;
  6. A guide for the traffic signs & signals you must know;
  7. The website and phone number of your state's DMV if you have questions;
  8. Ability to view on your computer, tablet, and mobile phone; and
  9. A guaranteed pass or your money back.

Now let's look into the cost of using the services provided by DMV Cheat Sheets

How Much Is This Going to Cost?

After selecting the state you are testing on, you immediately see that to take full advantage of the offering from DMV Cheat Sheets, the advertised price of $10 is not for the complete product.

The following are the costs of using DMV Cheat Sheets.

For Your State's Written Driver's License Test

  • DMV Cheat Sheet $9.95
  • DMV Online Practice Test $14.95
  • DMV Cheat Sheet and Practice Test Bundle $19.95

The $9.95 has doubled to $19.95 for all available test prep material. Also, if you are only looking for test material for your state's learner permit or motorcycle license those figures are the same as they are for the written driver's license test material.

For Your State's Commercial (CDL) Driver's License Test

A Commercial (CDL) Driver's license has very many different tests available according to which CDL Endorsement you are looking to achieve. There are far too many different tests and prices to list here so let's just look at the high points.

  • Air Brakes Online Test, Endorsement P, T, N Online Test - $9.95
  • General Knowledge Exam, Cargo, Air Brakes, Combo Vehicle Cheat Sheets - $14.95
  • Endorsement H (Hazardous Material) and S (School Bus) Cheat Sheets - $14.95
  • Class C Hazard or Passenger License Test Bundles - $24.95
  • Complete Practice Test Study Package - $49.95
  • Complete Cheat Sheet Study Package - $49.95

To take full advantage of all the available study and testing components of a CDL license, you need to be prepared to spend somewhere between $120 to $150 if you want all of your state's study and test material from DMV Cheat Sheets and that can be a bit pricey.

You Bought the Material and Failed the Test: What Now?

According to DMV Cheat Sheets if you purchase your state's study and testing material and fail the test you have a 100% money-back guarantee.

Here's where DMV Cheat Sheets's negative reviews come into play. The following paragraph is taken from the DMV Cheat Sheets refund page.

To receive your refund, we must verify with the state that you failed the exam. We will also verify that you properly used our material and obtained a passing grade before taking your actual driving written test for your start. If your order contained a study guide or "cheat sheet," we will verify that you viewed the study guide before the date of your test. If your order contains any practice tests, including the free National Signs & Signals test, we will verify that you passed these practice tests with an 80% or higher before your driving written test to be eligible for a refund.

Once verified, we will process your refund within 30 days of your notification of failure. If, however, we are unable to verify the above information, we will not process a refund as our material was not fully used to help you study.

According to all the negative on Smart Review, the verification process for getting a refund from DMV Cheat Sheets is designed to find you did not properly utilize all of the material therefore you will not be seeing any refund. Those who failed their test did not receive any refund from DMV Cheat Sheets.

There Is a Much Easier Way

With so many different packages, prices, processes, and policies, you can see that DMV Cheat Sheets is way more time-consuming and frustrating than it is beneficial.

There is a much faster, easier, and more successful way to take any type of government test when you use the services provided by the team from DoNotPay.

How to Use DoNotPay to Prepare for Any Government Test

DoNotPay has put together the most comprehensive government test prep product you will find. This is designed to assist anyone looking to take any government test from a state's driver's license exam to CDL, Postal, US Citizenship, Hazmat, Notary Public, and The Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery.

In a survey from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a quarter of the US population has to be licensed or certified for their particular job. This product from DoNotPay is ideal for those seeking any government-level job, or just a simple state's drivers license.

Here's how:

  1. Sign into DoNotPay from any browser.

  2. Select the test you would like to prepare for.

  3. Select the length of the practice test: 10, 20, or 30 questions.

  4. Take the test question by question! You may retry incorrect questions on the spot or choose to retake the test after you've seen your score.

See just how fast and easy it can be to prepare for your next government test by using DoNotPay.

What Else Can DoNotPay Do?

DoNotPay has provided you with this comprehensive review of the DMV Cheat Sheets product, costs, and processes. That is just a small sample of what DoNotPOay can do for you.

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