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Find the Best ND CDL Practice Test With DoNotPay!

Getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is no easy feat. Apart from the grueling application process, you must pass a complex CDL test that requires a lot of hard work and studying. If you succeed in passing the exam, you can expect new business opportunities and a bigger salary, especially with a HazMat endorsement.

It only remains to find practice material that will ensure success. DoNotPay has the scoop on how to prepare for the test and obtain your CDL license on the first try!

What Does a North Dakota CDL Test Look Like?

If you want to know what the preparation process entails, you should get familiar with all aspects of the CDL test. The exam consists of a written knowledge test and a driving skills test. Each part is demanding in its own way, but it is necessary to pass both to acquire a CDL license.

You can check out what both exam segments consist of in the table below:

The Exam PartIt ContainsDetails
Written knowledge testA general knowledge test
  • You can find the information for the test in the North Dakota CDL Driver’s Manual (section one indicates what to study according to the vehicle you intend to drive)
  • It has 50 true/false and multiple-choice answers
  • You have to achieve at least an 80% test score to pass
Five special endorsement tests
  • Double/triple trailers (T)
  • Hazardous materials (H)
  • Passenger vehicles (P)
  • School buses (S)
  • Tank vehicles (N)
An Air Brakes Test
  • For driving vehicles with a full or partial Air Brake system
Driving skills testA vehicle inspection test
  • Tests your ability to assess if the vehicle is safe to drive
A basic control skills test
  • Confirms that you can turn, park, and back up the vehicle
A road test
  • Assesses your safe-driving skills while on the road

Every applicant for a CDL license has to take the general knowledge test. You can choose the number of other written tests depending on the types of vehicles you intend to drive.

Passing the general knowledge test is the first step towards obtaining a CDL license. While studying from the manual is obligatory, taking practice tests is a foolproof way to achieve success on the real exam. We will explain why practice tests are important and how to access the most reliable one.

Why Are CDL Practice Tests So Important?

What makes CDL exams tricky is the question form. Questions on the CDL exam often contain confusing wording or similar multiple-choice answers. If you don’t use practice tests, you will spend too much time deliberating on which answer to choose and most likely fail.

Practice tests make all the difference between passing and failing by:

  1. Stimulating revision of the material
  2. Putting material from the manual into context
  3. Mimicking the structure and form of the real exam
  4. Providing multiple variations of the same question
  5. Indicating which parts of the material you need to study more

Where Can I Find the North Dakota CDL Practice Test on My Own?

If you type in the specific keyword in your web browser’s search box, the search engine will display an array of results. Having such a vast selection of online practice tests may seem convenient at first, but you mustn’t neglect the risks. Before you make a decision, check out the list of advantages and disadvantages of online practice tests:

Online Practice Tests
  • They are easily accessible
  • The options are numerous
  • They are often unreliable
  • You can’t distinguish which one is the real deal
  • They offer false promises (questions from the real exam)
  • You often have to pay to access the full practice material

If these reasons resonate with you, we suggest you skip the headache and put your trust in DoNotPay. Access our app from your , and find out what it takes to pass any written driving test!

Use DoNotPay To Take ND CDL Practice Tests

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Check out how to take our CDL practice tests:

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