Learn All About California Emissions Warranty

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How Does California Emissions Warranty Protect Your Car?

Aside from the general manufacturer warranty, your car is also protected by federal or state law warranties. The federal warranty laws include the emissions warranty, which covers the repair of the emission-related defects. Some states, such as California, have their own emission warranty components.

If you live in California, learn about the state’s emissions warranty coverage and how to file a car warranty claim.

What Is California Emissions Warranty?

The state of California emissions warranty protects your car from any defects in materials or workmanship of emission components. In case your car does not meet the federal or state emission standards due to these defects, you might have a right to repair it for free.

Here is an overview of what the California emissions warranty covers and how long it lasts:

CoverageWarranty Period
Defects and Performance WarrantyThree years or 50,000 miles
High-Cost Emissions-Related Parts WarrantySeven years or 70,000 miles
Defects and Performance Warranty for Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV)15 years or 150,000 miles
Federal Emissions Warranty—BasicTwo years or 24,000 miles
Federal Emissions Warranty—ExtendedEight years or 80,000 miles

You should know that the warranty won’t cover:

  • Any damage related to misuse and abuse
  • Tampering with emission systems
  • Poor maintenance

Ways To Claim Your Car Warranty

The method of filing a warranty claim depends on your warranty provider. In most cases, companies have a phone line where you can submit your warranty claim; others might require different methods. Here are the typical ways of claiming the warranty:

Can You Claim Your Warranty ViaYes/No
EmailDepends on the company
Company WebsiteDepends on the company
In PersonDepends on the company

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Use DoNotPay To Appeal Denied Warranty Claims

Your warranty provider may reject your claim the first time you make it. If this situation happens to you, you can count on DoNotPay’s help! Our award-winning app makes it easy to file an appeal in case your warranty claim gets denied.

To file an appeal, do the following:

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When you complete these steps, we’ll generate a strong appeal letter. We’ll use the information you give us along with the implied U.S. warranty laws to make your claim stronger. Your warranty provider should get in touch with you to tell you the results of your case.

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