Seller's Home Warranty—All You Need to Know

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A Guide to Understanding the Seller’s Home Warranty

A seller’s home warranty is a special limited warranty that sellers buy to ensure financial protection if any major malfunction or defects occur. This warranty doesn’t usually cover the smaller issues and malfunctions—only the ones of major home appliances.

Sellers can buy a seller’s home warranty plan for financial protection in cases of any major appliances or home systems malfunction while the home is on the market or under contract. Home warranty companies will sometimes offer free seller’s warranties if the seller agrees to buy a home warranty for the buyer.

Who Pays for a Home Warranty—Buyer or Seller?

Whether a buyer or a seller pays for a home warranty depends on what is typical for your specific area. Anyone can buy a home warranty—buyers, sellers, homeowners, or renters.

It's usual for a seller to pay for the coverage in many areas because it's a seller benefit. You can buy a home warranty at any time and not necessarily during a closing.

The buyers can request from sellers to buy the home warranty for them, but whether the sellers will oblige depends on the local real estate market.

What Is the Best Seller’s Home Warranty?

If you are a seller thinking about getting a home warranty, check out the table below to see what some of the best home warranties are:

CompanyMonthly Cost
Select Home Warranty$36–$38
American Home Shield$75–$125
Cinch Home Services$61.99
Choice Home Warranty$55

How Can I File a Home Warranty Claim?

Filing a warranty claim differs from one company to another, and the coverage depends on the company you’re getting a home warranty from. Some of the typical methods for claiming home warranties are:

  1. Over the phone
  2. Via email
  3. In person
  4. By post
  5. On the company's website

Filing a Home Warranty Claim Over the Phone

To file a home warranty claim via phone, you can go online and find the customer support number of the company you purchased the warranty from. Call them and explain your request in detail. They should instruct you on what to do next.

Claim a Home Warranty by Email

Most companies have the Email Us option on their website, or you can find their email addresses online. You will need to provide the required information regarding your warranty claim and send it to the company’s email address.

Filing a Home Warranty Claim in Person

Claiming warranties in person isn’t always possible. If a company does offer the option of filing a claim in person, you will need to go to that company and speak with an employee about your claim. Check the company’s working hours and reach out to them to ask for all the information and instructions you need.

Filing a Home Warranty Claim via Letter

If a company provides the option of claiming a warranty in writing, find their mailing address online and send your letter with all the details regarding your home warranty claim.

Claiming a Home Warranty on the Company's Website

To claim your warranty online, visit the website of the company you purchased the warranty from and follow the steps given there. It’s common that they ask for your information, your email address, and details about the warranty.

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