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Don’t Get Tricked—Check Home Warranty Reviews Before Purchase

Why spend hundreds of dollars on repairs when you can buy a home warranty and get repairs at an affordable price? Every home warranty company in America asks that same question. Home warranties seem like a good idea, but how will you know which one is suitable for you? The answer is simple—by reading the reviews.

DoNotPay will help you find the best company and claim your home warranty in the blink of an eye!

Top 10 Warranty Companies and Customer Reviews

According to various reviews online, the ten best home warranty companies are:

CompanyCustomer ReviewsStrongest Benefit
Global Home Protection5/5Available for multiple properties
Complete Protection5/5No service fees
First American Home Warranty4/5Online resources
Landmark3/5Regional coverage
America’s First Choice3/5Workmanship guarantee
American Home Shield3/5Customizable plans
Select Home Warranty3/5Membership bonuses
Choice Home Warranty3/5Technician response times
Cinch Home Warranty3/5Parts coverage
Total Home Protection2/5Claim limits

What Are the Worst Home Warranty Companies?

There are two sides to every coin, and such is the case with home warranty companies. Let’s check out the worst-rated warranty companies online:

  • Secure Home Warranty—This company is notorious because of its unexpected fees, payment delays, and poor customer service. It was even considered a scam in 2017
  • Service America Home Warranty—The worst move of this company was that it shut down suddenly and left its customers without refunds
  • American Home Guard—After this company’s sudden closure, customers couldn’t get their money back

With DoNotPay, You Can File a Home Warranty Claim in No Time

Submitting a warranty claim can be a confusing and energy-draining procedure. You don’t have to go through all that trouble to file your home warranty claim because DoNotPay’s on your side.

With our app, you’ll be able to submit your claim in under five minutes, without ever leaving your home or picking up the phone. You only need to open DoNotPay in your and follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your DoNotPay account
  2. Find our Claim Warranty feature
  3. Click on Home Warranty
  4. Enter the name of your warranty provider and tell us about your troubles
  5. Tap on Submit My Claim

DoNotPay will generate a warranty claim based on the information you provided and send it to your warranty company. They will reach you directly to make a maintenance appointment.

Our app can help with other warranty claims as well. If you need to claim a car warranty or even an extended warranty for used cars, we are at your service! You can get assistance from your AI Consumer Champion—DoNotPay—if a dealer refuses to cancel your extended warranty.

Don’t Be Alarmed if Your Claim Gets Rejected—DoNotPay Has a Solution

You won’t be the first customer whose claim got rejected. Companies try to make their customers give up claims by denying them instantly, but DoNotPay has a fix for this type of trouble. We will help you file an appeal with a few clicks on your computer.

Follow the instructions below to file an appeal and get the promised service:

  1. Open our Claim Warranty section
  2. Select Appeal a Denied Warranty
  3. Provide some information about the original claim
  4. Choose if you’re appealing against the decision of a Product Manufacturer or an Extended Warranty Provider
  5. Click on Submit

We will compose an appeal based on the details you gave us and send it to the company. They will get in touch with you directly afterward.

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Every once in a while, everyone needs help with daily chores, like paying bills. That’s what DoNotPay is here for—to make your life a little easier.

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