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Information is the most valuable resource today, and all data miners need to gain access to your personal information is your phone number. This is concerning since most services ask for your phone number in order to create an account. We've compiled an extensive library of resources that will show you how to leverage burner phones to completely bypass phone verification.
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Burner Phones

Grindr Phone Verification and How To Work Around It

Phone verification has become a regular part of account security checks, as many companies around the world don’t let you finalize your account creation without this step. Grindr, the world’s first and most famous gay dating app, also demands this method of authentication. The platform boasts over . . .
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Tinder Phone Number Verification Explained

How to Create a Tinder Account without a Phone Number Being available in over 190 countries and downloaded more than 340 million times, Tinder is the world’s most popular dating app. If you are single or have been recently, you probably used it at least once. In the beginning, Tinder allowed users . . .
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Work Around Venmo's Verify Phone Step Upon Signup

As a mobile payment service, Venmo requires that you connect a phone number to your account to verify it. If you already have an account but want to create more, you probably don’t have any extra numbers to spare. Don’t worry, because DoNotPay can step in and provide you with a fake phone number . . .
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How To Get a Fake Phone Number for Google Verification

More and more companies require a phone number upon registration. Even the few services that don’t ask for it right out of the gate eventually demand your phone number. Some online platforms like Twitter and Instagram may even lock you out of your account until you verify it by adding a phone number. . . .
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⭐ Create a Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification

The era of smartphones has made it a social norm for us to leave our personal information to various websites. If you want to use the services of any company, you will need to sign . . .
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Twilio Phone Verification Explained

Twilio is a cloud communications company that uses an application programming interface (API) to provide various forms of communication and phone verification. It is a nifty tool for people who need backup or multiple numbers, as well as growing businesses. If you are reluctant to disclose your phone . . .

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All About Best Buy Burner Phones

Aside from spies and criminals, regular people purchase burner phones, too. With the growing issues regarding online privacy, 80% of Americans feel worried and turn to various solutions to protect their real phone numbers. Best Buy burner phones could be your ticket to a safer online experience. We’ll . . .

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The King of Fake Phone Number Apps

Are you tired of unsolicited cold calling, scammy robocalls, and text message spam full of links that lead to shady websites? Do you want to have more control over your privacy and online security? If the answer to these questions is yes, you will benefit from fake phone number apps. Most Americans lose . . .

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Learn How To Fake a Phone Number

In this day and age—when we post where we go, what we eat, and who we hang out with—it has become normal to give our phone number, email address, and credit card info to numerous companies. More and more people want to put a stop to this practice and keep their phone numbers to themselves but still . . .

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How To Get a Burner Phone on Amazon

Are you interested in buying a burner phone on Amazon, but you don’t know how to choose the right one? DoNotPay can take it from here! We’ll go over some of the best burner phones on Amazon and suggest other options that provide a temporary phone number . Why Do People Need Burner Phones? Around . . .

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The Best Burner Phones at Target

Our phones are full of apps that often request us to provide our phone numbers. While many companies and services refrain from the abuse of sensitive information, some use your data for advertising purposes. We are also witnesses to frequent security breaches on social media, email web clients, and other . . .

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