How To Transfer Ubisoft 2-Step Verification to a New Phone

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Learn How To Transfer Ubisoft’s 2-Step Verification to a New Phone

With all the potential online threats that accompany your subscriptions and accounts, companies keep developing security measures to protect you as much as possible. One of the most popular ways is the two-step verification process, and Ubisoft offers the option as well.

This widely-used safety precaution can also end up backfiring and complicating your life if you change your device. Find out how to deal with Ubisoft’s two-step verification issue.

Why Does Ubisoft Require You To Take the Two-Step Verification Process?

Ubisoft offers you a two-step verification as a security measure for your account. You should know that this step is optional when creating your account, and you can skip it unless you wish to play Ranked Mode in Rainbow Six: Siege (that’s the only case when you absolutely need the 2-step verification).

If you decide to use the 2-step verification protection, you should know what you're getting from it. According to Ubisoft, this safety precaution ensures:

  • Protection if someone else tries to access your account because you are the only one who has the verification code
  • Notification about suspicious activity happening on your account, so you know someone might be messing with it

You can get the verification code in one of the following ways:

  1. Email
  2. Google Authenticator App

If you wish to receive this information via the latter option, you will have to access the Google Authenticator App from your mobile device. In this case, you must provide Ubisoft with a valid mobile number.

How To Transfer Ubisoft’s 2-Step Verification to a New Phone

In case you decided to protect your account using Ubisoft’s 2-step verification process, you’ll see that the generated codes stay connected to that device. This can lead to an issue if you change or lose your phone.

How to transfer your 2-step verification to a new device? This is where the plot thickens. You cannot just transfer the codes to a new device. Ubisoft requires you to first disable the 2-step verification using the recovery codes. This is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Log in to your Ubisoft account
  2. Select the Security tile
  3. Scroll to the 2-Step Verification section
  4. Hit the Deactivate button

Only when you finalize this process can you enable the same safety measure on a new device.

How To Enable Ubisoft’s 2-Step Verification on Your New Mobile Device Using Google Authenticator

You will need to provide Ubisoft with a phone number to enable the 2-step verification on your new device. This is what you’ll need to do:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Select the Security tile
  3. Find the 2-Step Verification section
  4. Select Activate
  5. Hit the Google Authenticator tab
  6. Select the Choose option
  7. Enter your phone number in the Recovery Phone Number field
  8. Select the Add button
  9. Enter the six-digit code that Ubisoft sent to your phone
  10. Click on the Got It! button when you see it in the pop-up
  11. Open the link you’ll get in your email
  12. Log in to your account once again
  13. Follow the rest of the instructions to complete the verification

Once you finalize these steps, you will receive six recovery codes you’ll need to store somewhere safe.

This way of transferring Ubisoft’s 2-step verification to a new device should work provided that you still have access to your old device. In case you don’t, you should contact Ubisoft’s customer service and ask them to help you with the process.

Should You Give Your Phone Number to Service Providers?

Giving your number to service providers comes with benefits, but there are risks you should consider too:

  • Good backup if you forget your password
  • If someone is trying to access your account, you’ll see a text immediately
  • Another piece of personal information available online
  • Becoming a target of robocalls and spam texts
  • A company might misuse your data
  • Other personal info located on your phone may get compromised

Can You Avoid Giving Your Phone Number to Companies?

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People usually choose one of these options:

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