Twilio Phone Verification Explained

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Everything You Should Know About Twilio Phone Verification

Twilio is a cloud communications company that uses an application programming interface (API) to provide various forms of communication and phone verification. It is a nifty tool for people who need backup or multiple numbers, as well as growing businesses. If you are reluctant to disclose your phone number to a company or service you are signing up for, Twilio may be able to solve this problem for you.

We’ll go over how to use Twilio, which services won’t accept a Twilio number, and suggest solutions so that you can land on the best one!

How Does Twilio Verify a Phone Number?

Twilio doesn’t only create new phone numbers, but it also verifies discarded numbers that go through extensive screening and testing from network providers.

It can generate various phone numbers:

  • Local
  • Mobile
  • Toll-free
  • National

Why Companies Request Phone Numbers From Users

It is a well-known practice that most websites, services, and apps require phone numbers upon registration or soon after. This has left more than 80% of Americans concerned about their privacy online.

Numerous data breaches and leaks have happened so far, even to household names such as Yahoo, Instagram, and Facebook. Despite these slip-ups, companies downplay asking for your phone number by saying it will:

  • Verify your identity
  • Prove you are not a robot
  • Make resetting your password easy
  • Be used to recover a compromised account
  • Stop spammers from creating multiple accounts
  • Prevent potential hacking and suspicious activities

Can I Use Twilio To Bypass Phone Number Verification?

Twilio lets you buy phone numbers to bypass phone verification on various platforms.

The problem with Twilio is that the created number will only be accepted if the platform allows voice or call verification. If you need to receive SMS or code via text, Twilio will not work.

The issue is that many companies have blocked the service because they don’t consider Twilio numbers real phone numbers. Some of the companies that blocked it are Skype, Facebook, and Google Voice.

How Can I Verify a Phone Number Using Twilio?

For companies that provide call or voice verification, you can use a number you bought on Twilio. Prices range from $1 per number and up to $15 for a monthly service, depending on the type (local, toll-free, etc.), how many numbers you need, and what you are using them for (SMS, Voice, or Fax).

Follow these steps to generate a Twilio phone number:

  1. Sign up or sign in on Twilio
  2. Select Numbers in the upper part of your screen
  3. Click on Buy a Number
  4. Choose the Local or Toll-Free option
  5. Enter your area code and hit Search
  6. Tap on Buy next to the number you like
  7. Click on Buy This Number to confirm
  8. Hit Set Up Number
  9. Change the Voice Request URL by adding the phone number
  10. Tap on Save Changes

When, for example, a company like YouTube calls this number to verify it, the call will be forwarded to your real number.

How Else To Bypass Phone Verification

Since Twilio doesn’t successfully bypass every phone verification, it’s wise to be familiar with other options. Check out the pros and cons of each method:


Download fake phone number apps

  • Use it for online dating and phone verification
  • Receive forwarded calls and messages on your phone
  • Paying for auto-renewing subscriptions
  • Signing up with your real number
  • Paying for fake numbers that could be blocked

Link Google Voice To Your Number

  • Get a fake number for free
  • Choose a number based on your state and area code
  • Revealing your real phone number to Google
  • Using a fake number that many services block

Search fake phone numbers

  • Find numerous fake number websites with ease
  • Choose a number free of charge
  • Browsing fake numbers on shady and dangerous websites
  • Getting unreliable phone numbers that may not work or could be used by other people

Buy a burner phone

  • Bypass phone verification without a hitch
  • Use it as a backup phone
  • Make and receive phone calls from people who don’t know your real number
  • Spending a ton of money
  • Having two or more phones
  • Receiving unwanted calls either way

DoNotPay—The Best App for SMS Verification

When all else fails, DoNotPay is a foolproof way to get you that verification code that’s standing between you and your account.

DoNotPay is:

  • A source of reliable temporary phone numbers
  • A burner phone without the additional device
  • A fake number app that is more convenient and affordable
  • A tool that keeps you safe from phone number leaks
  • A way to feel protected on dating apps like Tinder and MeetMe

How Does DoNotPay’s Burner Phone Feature Operate?

DoNotPay’s Burner Phone feature is designed to streamline the process of getting a fake phone number. Complete the following steps to create a number and code for phone verification:

  1. Open DoNotPay in a
  2. Choose the Burner Phone feature
  3. Fill in the name of the service requesting a verification
  4. Tap on Create a Temporary Number
  5. Hit View My Text Message once you get the phone number

The code and number you get from DoNotPay are active for ten minutes. During this time, you can verify one account with ease. If more services are requesting phone verification, repeat the steps to create a new number. Unlike Twilio, DoNotPay lets you create multiple phone numbers with no added cost.

DoNotPay can save you from revealing your personal phone number on Yahoo, Twitter, Snapchat, and many other online platforms.

Want To Protect Your Credit Card, Too? Use DoNotPay!

Even more important than protecting your phone number would be keeping your credit card info secure. Similarly to numerous companies demanding phone number verification, most services offering free trials request credit card info.

DoNotPay is here to make sure you don’t reveal your credit card when enjoying a free trial. How can we do that? DoNotPay’s virtual credit card generator will produce a free virtual credit card, a fake name, and an email address. You can use this data to sign up for any free trial safely. Our virtual credit card with no deposit will protect you when the free trial expires, and the company tries to charge you. Since it won’t be able to take money from you, it will terminate your account.

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