How To Claim ASUS GPU Warranty the Easy Way

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Learn How To File an ASUS GPU Warranty Claim Hassle-Free

AsusTek Computer Inc.—popularly known as ASUS—is one of the world’s largest phone and computer hardware and electronics companies. It offers a variety of products, including laptops, mobile phones, motherboards, graphics processing units (GPU), etc.

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Key Aspects of ASUS Warranty

ASUS offers one, two, and three-year warranties depending on the product in question. The warranty period for graphics cards is three years. When you purchase your ASUS product, you’ll receive a warranty card that you should save. The accredited repair centers and service agents will request to see the warranty card before accepting to repair or replace the device.

What Does ASUS GPU Warranty Cover?

The ASUS warranty covers all graphics cards that are new and free from damages caused by misuse, poor maintenance, improper operation, and similar. You can still claim the warranty after trying to repair the GPU by yourself only if the product hasn’t been damaged during the repair.

How To File an ASUS Graphics Card Warranty Claim

You can file an ASUS GPU warranty claim in a few ways. Each option—except for DoNotPay—can be tedious and lengthy.

Can You Claim Your Warranty ViaYes/No
Online Contact Form Yes
In PersonNo

File an ASUS Video Card Warranty Claim Using the Online Contact Form

You can email ASUS customer support via the website contact form:

  1. Select Technical Support in the Queries Category field
  2. Enter the necessary information, including:
    • Your name and email
    • Current location
    • Product serial number
  3. Describe the issue you’re having
  4. Attach files if necessary
  5. Follow the rest of the instructions

File an ASUS Video Card Warranty Claim Over the Phone

To file an ASUS GPU warranty claim over the phone, dial 1-888-678-3688 and explain your issue. The customer support agents will provide further instructions regarding the warranty claim.

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File an ASUS Video Card Warranty Claim in Person

Bring the graphics card together with the warranty card to the ASUS shop you purchased it in. The dealer will determine if the product meets the warranty requirements.

Claim Your ASUS GPU Warranty With DoNotPay and Save Time

If all of the above-described procedures seem too complex to follow, DoNotPay has a solution for you. Our easy-to-use service will help you file an ASUS warranty claim in a jiffy. To take advantage of this feature, log in to your account in a , and follow these steps:

  1. Pick our Claim Warranty service and select the Warranty on a Purchased Product option
  2. Indicate which company you’re having issues with
  3. Type in the details regarding your purchase and the problem in question
  4. Provide warranty details if you know them (optional)

That’s it! DoNotPay will take care of everything else by composing a letter and filing a warranty claim for you. ASUS will get back to you directly once they process your claim.

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Denied Warranty Claims Are Not an Issue for DoNotPay!

Even if ASUS rejects your warranty claim, you still have a chance to succeed, thanks to DoNotPay. To handle denied warranty claims, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account in a
  2. Click on the Appeal a Denied Warranty Claim option
  3. Indicate who denied your warranty claim—Extended Warranty Provider or Product Manufacturer
  4. Provide more info about ASUS and your original warranty claim

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