YesStyle Return Policy Made Simple for Everyone

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The YesStyle Return Policy Guide You Don’t Need a Higher Education For

You purchased some fashion gear or jewelry from YesStyle and figured out that it doesn’t suit you? Have no worries because the YesStyle return policy is pretty lenient with returns, although a few restrictions apply.

Before you buy anything, keep in mind that some items are eligible for a refund or an exchange, while others aren’t. They may be subject to different rules, depending on the type and size of the product.

To make the return process as simple as tying a necklace, —the world’s first AI Consumer Champion—and complete the return form in no time. We’ll make sure the refund or replacement procedure won’t drag on.

YesStyle Return Policy—Detailed Refund and Exchange Rules

YesStyle’s return policy is specific about goods that qualify for a return. Refer to the following table to learn what conditions the merchandise must meet for the fashion company to authorize a return. The deadline countdown starts from the day you receive the original order.

Product TypeSize ExchangeReturn of an Unwanted Item Defective Item Replacement
Fashion products for men, women, and kids, bags, and footwearWithin 14 daysWithin 14 daysWithin 14 days
Innerwear, swimwear, underwear, bodysuits, playsuits, and shapewearNot availableNot availableWithin 14 days
Fine jewelryNot availableNot availableWithin 14 days
Accessories, such as earrings, hairpieces, wigs, and costumes for cosplay and partiesNot availableNot availableWithin 14 days
Other accessoriesNot availableWithin 14 daysWithin 14 days
Lifestyle and home goodsWithin 14 daysWithin 14 days, if unopenedWithin 14 days
Personal hygiene, grooming, and beauty productsNot availableWithin 14 days, if unopenedWithin 14 days

If your item qualifies for the return, you should get a Return Merchandise Authorization—RMA. Refrain from returning products without authorization because YesStyle will ignore or deny your request. Make sure to send the merchandise back in its original packaging.

Keep in mind that the following gear doesn’t qualify for a refund or an exchange:

  • Items provoking allergic reactions
  • Products causing adverse skin conditions

You’ll receive a refund in the form of YesStyle Credit for unwanted and unopened returns.

Are There Special Rules in Place for Particular Products?

YesStyle has special requirements regarding some products and the state they’re in:

  • Final Clearance goods are eligible for defective item exchange only
  • Size exchange is valid only for the items you didn’t use
  • You can get a replacement for a defective product. Defective jewelry may be repaired unless it is silverware or a Silver 925 item
  • You have a 180-day deadline following the delivery if you want to return jewelry

How To Get a Return Merchandise Authorization

You have two options to get the Return Merchandise Authorization:

  1. Sign in to your account on the YesStyle website
  2. Contact the customer service department

Getting an RMA via the My Account Page

Note that this option is valid only for unwanted returns and size exchanges. When you log in to your YesStyle account, do the following:

  1. Select the order number of the product
  2. Scroll down to find the Start a return request link below purchases
  3. Tap the link and follow the instructions

Emailing the Customer Service Department

The YesStyle return policy requires you to provide the following to obtain your RMA from the customer service department:

  1. Order number
  2. The name of the product and its YesStyle catalog number
  3. The reason why you wish to send the item back. Choose among these options:
    1. Size Exchange
    2. Defective Item Repair
    3. Defective Item Exchange
    4. Unwanted or Unopened Item Return
  4. Size exchanges require you to specify:
    1. The product’s catalog number
    2. The desired size

When you receive your Return Merchandise Authorization, follow the provided return instructions.

YesStyle Shipping Policy for Returns

The YesStyle return policy sets the following rules for shipping the items back:

  • The company isn’t accountable for goods lost during return shipping
  • You must pay the shipping fees for size exchanges and unopened or unwanted returns
  • Handling and shipping costs, as well as coupon discounts of the original delivery, are non-refundable
  • The merchant covers the return shipping costs in case they sent a defective item. To benefit from this perk, send the product via Registered or Regular Air Mail

Any Return Is a Breeze With DoNotPay

If you want to make the return process short and sweet, use DoNotPay. With us, you are several clicks away from completing the procedure that would normally take a lot of time. You only need to do the following::

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  2. Answer our chatbot’s questions and attach photos, if needed
  3. Send the return form by clicking the Submit button

YesStyle will receive your return request and respond shortly because we add a deadline to speed up the process. A bonus point for you is a free return label, so you can cut unnecessary costs.

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