The Ins and Outs of the Sprouts Return Policy

Item Return Request The Ins and Outs of the Sprouts Return Policy

Everything You Need To Know About the Sprouts Return Policy

Sprouts Farmers Market offers a wide range of products, from baked goods to Sprouts brands. If you bought a product at Sprouts and you are dissatisfied for some reason, you can return it.

Return policies often lack transparency and can be difficult to get a grasp of. DoNotPay will break down the Sprouts return policy to help you understand all the details.

How Does the Sprouts Return Policy Work?

According to the Sprouts return policy, you can return almost any item to the store. Sprouts staff may decide, at their discretion, to accept or decline a return request. The store may take a minimum of 10% off the original price of the item you are returning if the product is:

  • Opened
  • Damaged

The company has specific return protocols for some product categories. Check the details in the table below:

Product Category Exchange Refund Return Requirements
Vitamin and Body Care Yes Yes Receipt
DVDs No No N/A
Magazines No No N/A
Books No No N/A
Alcohol No Yes Valid ID and receipt
Holiday items No No N/A

Vitamin and Body Care products won’t be exchanged or refunded if the item you are returning has been refrigerated. All products categorized as Vitamin and Body Care should be returned in 30 days.

The type of refund you receive will depend on the original payment method used for the purchase:

Payment Method Refund Method Requirements
Cash Cash Receipt
Debit cards Cash Receipt
Electronic checks Cash Receipt
Credit card Credit card refund Receipt and the original credit card
EBT card EBT card refund Receipt and the original EBT card
Manual check Gift card N/A
Gift card Gift card N/A

Can I Make a Return Without a Receipt?

If you don’t have a receipt, you can still request a return at Sprouts stores, but you won’t be able to exchange the item or get refunded to your original payment method. You can bring the item in question to a local Sprouts store, and the staff will issue a gift card matching the price of the product you are returning.

If you have a Sprouts account and you lost your receipt, you can find it on your account page as all receipts are saved for Sprouts account holders.

How To Initiate a Return With Sprouts

You can visit the nearest Sprouts Farmers Market to return your item and return the item you are not satisfied with. The company will grant a refund or an exchange on the spot, depending on the type of product you are returning and your original payment method. To make a return to the store, you need to bring:

  • The product you are returning, preferably in the original packaging, unopened and undamaged
  • Receipt, if possible
  • Personal ID
  • The original card used for the purchase

Initiate a Return With the Help of Sprouts Customer Care

To initiate your return and understand the return process for the category of the item you want to return, you can contact Customer Care.

You can get in touch through the Contact Us form. Make sure to include the following in the contact form:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Email address

To complete the form and initiate a return, you need to:

  1. Pick the Sprouts Policies and Procedures topic on the contact form menu
  2. Describe your issue by providing a detailed explanation in the Message box
  3. Choose the number of attachments included in the form
  4. Attach any relevant documents or photos of the product
  5. Submit your form

A customer service representative will contact you with further instructions regarding the return.

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