Finding a Notary in Meadville, PA, Just Got Easier

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How To Find a Notary in Meadville, PA, Without Breaking a Sweat

Finding a good notary in Meadville, PA, can be difficult because there’s a sea of notaries offering their services left and right. You can spend a lot of time online searching for the right notary public and still fail to get your documents notarized.

If you need help finding the best Meadville notary, you’re in the right place. This article will tell you everything about how to find notary services in Meadville and notarize documents in your city.

If you need to find a notary in Meadville without delays, and schedule an appointment within minutes!

What Notarial Acts Can a Meadville Notary Perform?

Pennsylvania law about notaries regulates notary services and fees.

A notary in Meadville, PA, can:

Since Pennsylvania law imposes a limit on notary fees, a Meadville notary can charge you a limited amount of money. You can find details about notary fees in the table below:

Notarial ActNotary Fee Limit
Taking acknowledgments$5
Taking acknowledgments for each additional name$2
Administering oaths and affirmations$5 per individual
Taking verification on oaths and affirmations$5
Notarizing documents$5 per certified copy
Witnessing signatures$5 per signature
Noting a protest of a negotiable instrument$3 per page

A notary public is also obligated to keep their clients informed about their fees at all times.

Which Documents Can You Get Notarized by a Meadville Notary?

Any document that is considered to have a effect can be notarized. A Meadville notary can notarize any of the following documents:

How To Find a Crawford County Notary

Finding a notary in Meadville isn’t a simple process. You need to search through the yellow pages, look up notary public offices near you on Google, or hope to find out about a good notary service from a friend.

There are many resources for finding notaries, but the search can get confusing quite fast. Some people don't even know that there are some institutions that offer notary services.

Some websites also offer search tools for finding a notary near you, but the search results may not live up to your expectations.

Check out the table below for detailed instructions on how to find a Meadville notary:

Where To Search for Notary ServicesSteps To Take
  1. Enter Notary Services in the search field
  2. Type in Meadville, PA
  3. Find a suitable notary service and select it
  4. Check out the reviews about the service
  5. Call or visit the notary to make an appointment
UPS office
  1. Find a UPS office near you
  2. Write down the address
  3. Check if they have a notary on their staff
  4. Visit them and get your document notarized
  1. Type in your ZIP code on the left side of the page, or use the name of the state, city, or county
  2. Get the notary’s address and phone number
  3. Call the notary service to schedule an appointment
  4. Visit the notary public’s office
Banks (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.)
  1. Find a bank near you
  2. Call to check if they offer notary services
  3. Visit the bank to get your document notarized
AAA branches
  1. Find a AAA branch near you
  2. Check if they have notaries on staff
  3. Visit their office to get the notary signature

Can a Meadville Notary Notarize Your Documents Online?

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many states allow remote online notarization (RON), and Pennsylvania is one of them. RON means that you can contact an online notary and get your documents notarized via a live video call.

There are certain conditions an online notary in Meadville, PA, needs to fulfill so that they can perform notarial acts online. An online notary has to:

  • Be able to identify you
  • Be in the state in which they’re commissioned (in this case, Pennsylvania)
  • Inform the state that they’ll perform an online notarization
  • Use only the approved communication channels
  • Be able to see and hear you clearly
  • Make a note that they performed RON
  • Record the appointment and keep the recording for ten years minimum

Even though your notary has to be physically in the state that commissioned them, you don’t.

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