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Need a Notary in Hanover, PA? DoNotPay Can Help

Whether you need to sign a will or an affidavit in front of a notary, get any document notarized can turn into a tedious task. In case you need a Hanover, PA, notary, is here to help you find one in the blink of an eye.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about notary services in Hanover, PA, and show you the most effective way to get your documents notarized!

The Responsibilities of a Hanover, PA, Notary

To notarize a document, a notary must:

  1. Examine the signer’s ID and ask him or her a couple of authorization questions
  2. Ensure that all parties will be signing the document willingly
  3. Witness the signing
  4. Add an official signature and seal the document with a notary stamp

Documents You Can Get Notarized in Hanover, PA

Notaries in Hanover, PA, can notarize the following documents for you:

They can also:

  • Administer oaths and affirmations
  • Note protests of negotiable instruments
  • Take verifications on oaths or affirmations

Types of Notaries Available in Hanover, PA

There are different types of notaries available in Hanover that can notarize your documents:

  • Traditional notary public—getting your documents notarized by a notary public means that you’ll have to visit him or her in person. This translates to finding one, scheduling an appointment, traveling to his or her office, and waiting for your documents to get notarized
  • Mobile notary—mobile notaries are more convenient than traditional ones as they can come to your preferred location to notarize your documents. They have the same duties as the regular notaries, but they charge more because of the travel expenses
  • Electronic notary—electronic notaries or e-notaries can notarize your electronic documents. All parties must be in the same room, and the document is to be signed digitally. E-notaries have to use a digital notary signature and seal
  • Remote online notary—remote notarization is the most convenient type of notarization you can choose. The whole notarization takes place online via an audio-video call
  • Notary signing agents—they are a perfect option for you if you need to get your loan documents notarized and have them printed and delivered

Hanover, PA, Notary Service Fees

The pricing of notary services in Hanover, PA, is set by the Department of State. Notaries are not allowed to charge any fees that exceed the limit set by the Department. They can charge administrative fees for travel, postage, documents, and telephone calls, though.

Here’s a table of notary fees for different notarial acts in Hanover, PA:

Taking acknowledgments$5.00
Taking acknowledgments (each additional signature)$2.00
Administering oaths or affirmations (per individual taking an oath or affirmation)$5.00
Taking verification on oaths or affirmations (no matter how many signatures)$5.00
Witnessing or attesting signatures (per signature)$5.00
Certifying or attesting copies or depositions (per certified copy)$5.00
Noting protests of negotiable instruments (per page)$3.00

A notary’s duty is to inform his or her clients about all the fees they’ll be charged for.

Where To Find a Notary in Hanover, PA

Finding a notary in Hanover, PA, requires you to search online or check if certain public places offer notary services. If you have spare time to find a notary online, here are some websites you can use:

In case you want to find an in-person notary, here are some public places you can search at:

Is Online Notarization Available in Hanover, PA?

Since October 2020, online notarization has been made available in Hanover, PA. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the state of Pennsylvania enacted into law remote online notarization (RON). This enables notaries to perform their duties for clients while not being in the same physical location as them.

To notarize a document online, a PA notary has to:

  • Be in the state of Pennsylvania, but the signer can be anywhere else
  • Notify the Department of State that he or she will be conducting remote notarization
  • Use designated communication technology to speak with clients via audio-video calls (Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime are not acceptable)
  • Determine the identity of the signer with the usage of identity-proofing technologies, through his or her personal knowledge, or through a testimony of a credible witness

The notarization also has to be recorded and retained by the notary public for at least ten years.

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