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How To Request an MIT Application Fee Waiver in the Blink of an Eye

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is one of the most popular private research universities in America. The university has one college and five schools. It’s interesting to mention that MIT doesn’t have schools of law or medicine.

Are you thinking about applying to MIT or other schools? Try getting an application fee waiver with DoNotPay and save money.

College Application Fee Waiver—What It Is and Why You Need It

Universities in the U.S. are super pricey. Students spend a lot of money even before they enroll and pay for tuition and housing. SAT, ACT, test preparations, on-campus visits, and various other college fees can pose an enormous financial burden.

MIT’s application fee for both grad and undergrad studies costs $75. Students who want to apply to more than one school need to pay hundreds of dollars on applications only, which is a lot for most applicants.

To put everything into perspective, here are some of the most popular schools in America and the amount they charge for college application fees:

If you come from a low-income family, you should request an application fee waiver for every school you want to apply to.

Can’t Afford the Application Fee? Get a Fee Waiver and Save Money!

MIT allows domestic and international students to request a fee waiver if they cannot pay the application fee. The fee waiver request is the last step of your MIT application. To get an MIT fee waiver, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Application Portal and log in to your account
  2. Click on Start New Application
  3. Choose the First-Year Application and click on Create Application
  4. Select the Continue button
  5. Fill out the necessary info
  6. Choose Yes in the Fee Waiver Request section

The MIT Admission Council will review your request. They will decide if you’re eligible to get a fee waiver based on the financial info you provided in your application. One of the steps is to indicate if you’re eligible to participate in the Federal Free or Reduced Price Lunch program. If your answer is yes, there’s a good chance that MIT will grant you a fee waiver because it proves that you need financial aid.

Graduate Students Can Get Fee Waivers Too!

Is the application fee for graduate MIT schools too expensive for you? You can request a fee waiver by completing the fee waiver form online. Please note that the name you provide on your fee waiver form needs to be the same as the name on your graduate application. You’ll be informed about the decision within three business days of submitting the request.

If you’re interested in applying to MIT Sloan School of Management, you need to contact the program directly to request a fee waiver.

To be eligible for an MIT grad school fee waiver, you should meet at least one of the criteria. The following student categories qualify for the waiver:

  • Applicants who have U.S. citizenship or permanent residence
  • Students who have demonstrated financial need in the previous year
  • Candidates enrolled in one of the special fellowship programs
  • Participants in the MIT-sponsored diversity programs—applies to international students as well
  • Attendees of the diversity recruiting events
  • Members of the United States Armed Forces

Programs, Conferences, and Fellowships Eligibility

Students who have participated in one of the following programs, conferences, and fellowships are eligible to get an MIT grad school fee waiver:

MIT-Sponsored ProgramsFellowship ProgramsEvents and Conferences
  • MIT Laureates and Leaders
  • MIT Summer Research Program—General
  • MIT Summer Research Program—Biology/BCS/CBMM
  • On-Campus MIT ACCESS Program
  • Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST) Summer Institute
  • MIT Emergent Behaviors of Integrated Cellular System (EBICS)
  • Gates Millennium Scholars Program
  • McNair Scholars Program
  • University of Baltimore Maryland County Meyerhoff Scholars Program
  • Woods Hole Partnership Education Program
  • Mellon Mays Minority Undergraduate Fellowship Program (MMUF)
  • Maximizing Access to Research Careers (MARC)
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP)
  • Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM (ERN)
  • Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS)
  • FIU McNair Scholars Research Conference

For a full list of eligible events and programs, visit the Diversity Initiative section of the MIT graduate admissions website.

Request an MIT Fee Waiver Stress-Free With DoNotPay

If the process of waiving MIT graduate and undergraduate application fees seems too complicated, DoNotPay has the best solution. Our service allows you to request college application fee waivers in less than two minutes. We will fill out the fee waiver form after you provide the necessary info.

Open your account in a and do the following:

  1. Choose the College Application Fee Waiver tool
  2. Indicate which fee you want to waive:
    • New Student Application
    • Transfer Student
    • Enrollment Deposit
  3. Select the school you’d like to apply to
  4. Respond to the questions
  5. Choose if you want to get your guidance counselor’s signature

If you need the signature, DoNotPay will send the email to the counselor explaining your financial situation and attach the fee waiver form. In case you don’t need the signature, we will send the form to the university directly.

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