How To Get a Graduate School Application Fee Waiver

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Everything You Need To Know About the Graduate School Application Fee Waiver

Graduate schools in the U.S. award higher academic degrees, such as master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees. Students who wish to enroll in a graduate program should earn an undergraduate (bachelor's) degree first.

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Grad School Application Fee Explained

Most universities charge an application fee for graduate schools and programs. While the average price of the fee is around $60, some schools can charge more than $100. For example, the application fee for Stanford University is $120.

Why Do I Need a Graduate School Application Fee Waiver

Since most students apply to more than one grad program, application fees can add up quickly. Once you include other expenses, such as college transcripts, travel and relocation costs, and Graduate Records Examination (GRE), the costs become even higher.

If you’re in a bad financial situation, application fee waivers can come in handy. Getting a fee waiver for your grad school application or standardized tests can help you save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars.

How To Get a Grad School Application Fee Waiver

The process of getting a fee waiver will depend on the university you choose to apply to. Every school has different rules, forms, and the number of fee waivers offered each year. You should check the websites of the schools you’re interested in to find more info regarding the fee waiver request.

Many schools allow students to apply for free if they received a fee waiver for a standardized test. Law schools accept Law School Admission Test (LSAT) fee waivers, while dental schools waive fees to students who get a Dental Admission Test (DAT) fee reduction.

If you enrolled in services such as the military, AmeriCorps, and similar, you might be eligible to get a service-based fee waiver for some grad programs. Students with excellent GRE scores could request a merit-based fee waiver if the university in question offers it.

Some universities don’t charge application fees either for all programs or only for a few of them. They usually require students to:

  • Apply online
  • Attend the grad school fair
  • Be currently enrolled in one of the undergraduate programs at the same university

For example, Columbia Law School automatically grants fee waivers to the current Columbia University students if they request it.

Which Grad Schools Have No Application Fees?

Wondering if the graduate school you’re interested in charges application fees? Here’s a table with the schools that allow students to apply for free for one or multiple grad programs:

School NameApplication Fee Policy

Northeastern University

  • The College of Professional Studies (CPS) doesn’t charge an application fee
  • Other programs might charge up to $100
  • Northeastern University doesn’t require GRE

Colorado Technical University

  • Colorado Technical University doesn’t charge an application fee for any grad school or program

Chatham University

  • Free online application to most programs
  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physician Assistant Studies programs have different requirements

Dallas Baptist University

  • The application is free when submitted online

American Public University

  • American Public University doesn’t charge an application fee

Walden University

  • Walden University allows prospective grad students to apply for free to any program

Grand Canyon University

  • Applying to Grand Canyon University grad schools is free

Saint Xavier University

  • Grad students who wish to apply to Saint Xavier University schools and programs can do so for free

Loyola University New Orleans Online

  • The nursing and counseling master’s programs have no application fee
  • Business programs grant fee waivers to students who show up for the open house
  • Other schools and programs might charge prospective grad students

The University of Scranton

  • The University of Scranton grants fee waivers to students who provide the following:
    • College transcripts
    • Three recommendation letters
    • Any additional documentation, depending on the program in question

Waive University Fees Hassle-Free With DoNotPay

If you’re looking for the best way to request a grad fee waiver, you should try DoNotPay’s tool. We can help you waive fees when applying to both grad and undergrad schools in minutes.

College fees in the U.S. can be pricey if you consider applying to more than one school. Most universities charge around $60 for the college application fee. With all other expenses such as SAT, ACT, and on-campus visits, students usually need to spend a few hundreds of dollars when applying to college.

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Which Colleges and Grad Schools Does DoNotPay’s Feature Cover?

Students who want to save time when applying to multiple colleges can do so by using the Common App. While this platform is convenient for filling out the applications, its fee waiver feature covers only 900 member schools.

Unlike the Common App, DoNotPay enables you to waive fees for a grad or undergrad school at any university in America, including:

How To Save Money on Other Grad School Expenses

Getting grad school application fee waivers isn’t the only way you can save money. Taking a GRE test is super pricey since it costs over $200. Since most students usually take the test at least twice for better results, the financial burden can be enormous. Not all grad schools require students to provide their GRE scores. You can apply to one of them if they have grad programs that are appealing to you.

Another great option is to request a fee waiver for the standardized test you want to take. You can waive your DAT, LSAT, and Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) fee with DoNotPay and save more money effortlessly.

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